Master Bathroom Vanity

So remember when I said I was redoing my master bathroom’s vanity? (smile, nod, and say yes…. I do realize I have practically no order to anything I post.) well, I finished it today! I love it so much I can hardly stand it!

I’m not going to show the whole thing yet, because I have a few more touches to do in the bathroom before its ready for the grand reveal and I want to go over it all with my best steam mop, so I’m going to start with a before picture of the cabinet.

I have wanted to update my bathroom for what feels like forever, and now finally, it all feels like it’s coming together. I have just finished picking out some new faucets for the sink. I looked everywhere, from Anzzi bathroom to any catalog I could find, but I can now say I have chosen a winner. I’m very excited for them to be installed.

As for the rest of the bathroom…I don’t know what direction that will go in yet. For now I’m focussing on the vanity, but of course a whole new refreshing look in the bathroom would be ideal. Seeing as we’re selling our house in a year, this would also be ideal to attract potential buyers. We could replace the toilet to something newer and maybe modernize the bathtub with something from Bordner Home Improvement, which would be nice.

Not a great picture I realize, I had already taken one door off to take to the store with me, and I was too lazy to screw it back on for the picture, (ergo my foot holding it up) so I wasn’t able to stand in the tub and get the whole thing in at once, but it is just 4 doors that look like this. The doors have oak frames with a horrible, slick laminate in the inset. This laminate doesn’t take paint well so I came up with something else as a solution, with this vanity from pinterest as my inspiration.

I love the mirrored doors, and that it has a very timeless feel. I’m not as crazy about the X design or the square knobs, since it is a bit contemporary for my house, so I may end up looking for something similar to the cool laminate doors in Singapore for the space. I love the aged zinc color though, that is a yes please! (am am still going back and forth about the mustard walls, for me they are a yes, but we have to sell our house in a year, and I am not sure it’s neutral enough for everyone. What do you think?)

Anyway, a variation on this look was my goal, the mirrors will fix the issue with the laminate not wanting to have paint stick to it, and it turned out to be a substantially less expensive option then new doors, or a new vanity. ($11 a door was the final renovation price, true story,)

So I’m debating whether I should show the finished vanity, or do the tutorial first for the doors, and then do the grand reveal? Let me know what you think! (I still have to post about the kid’s bathroom now it is done, I love it but trying to get all the matching towels clean along with a clean bathroom, is my current challenge for taking pictures in there!)

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