That’s it, we’re canceling Christmas!

So we have decided that this year there will be no Christmas in our household (well, NO is such a strong word, we will be putting up the tree and Christmas lights.) But instead of all the presents, and dinners, etc. we are going on a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas, a day at Universal Studios Florida, and Christmas Eve at Hogwarts! (Can I not even tell you that the cruise isn’t even on the kids radar, it’s all about the Hogwarts baby.)

So I still have to get through Fall semester at school (Oh boy are there some big weaving projects brewing there.) but I am also on to my plans for a trip full of homemade goodies. I knit a Weasley sweater for Isaac for his 11th birthday on October 9th, and am now onto knitting one for Emmie. I know I need to take pictures of them before the children manage to do something terrible to them, so I will get on that. If I have time I would like to make Paul a sweater too, but I don’t know if that will happen before December. I am going to make t-shirts for Hogwarts too, so if it’s too hot for sweaters the kids can still be “dressed up”

I am making myself at least 2 new swimsuits for the cruise, possibly 3. I am making everyone in the family at least 1 piece of “cruise wear” (the fabric for that is on the way) and I might need to make something formal for the kids to wear on the black tie night. I am going to make a sundress to so I can go out in a dress with a swimsuit under it, (not feeling naked, but still beachy I guess?)

I am going to hopefully at least post stuff about the Hogwarts gear, cruise wear, and maybe some school stuff over the next month or two. (I am not sure about the school stuff, I tend not to post as much of the weaving stuff here because it’s not really normal in the “crafty” department, well…. it’s at least not as accessible to anyone who doesn’t have expensive specialized tools.) So what do you think? Show the school stuff or not?

Anyway, if my tracking info was correct, I should have my fabric that I ordered online here by tomorrow, so I can get started on my sewing projects.

I just survived my midterms, so I get to have a few days off of school for Fall break, I am off from Wednesday to Monday morning, so hopefully some sewing will happen this week. (that and I have to finish off my master-bathroom makeover eventually, and photograph the makeover we did in the kid’s bathroom.)

Pictureless posts tend to be a bummer, so I will leave you with the picture that’s going to be getting me through my finals and the cold this Fall……..

 Photo: Tropical beach in the Bahamas

I’m so excited! less then 60 days to go. If anyone has any cruise advice, or suggestions about must haves, I am all ears!

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