A Fun Experience For Me!

Pardon me if this is a little self indulgent, but I had a cool thing happen at Hobby Lobby yesterday, and I was excited to share!

Yesterday we went to Hobby Lobby to get Miss Emmie some stuff for a school project she has coming up (It’s on George Washington, she is going to wear Isaac’s Burgess costume for the presentation, which was her own idea. – I love that my kids don’t worry too much about gender roles!) 
Anyway, while we were checking out the lady who worked there said, “I remember you were in here last week because your daughter was in the cutest outfit ever!” I was a little surprised and although I knew we had been there a couple of times last week (one of the times I was picking something up for the giveaway I am having in a couple of days!) but for the life of me I couldn’t remember what Emmie had been wearing. 
So I said to the lady, “Thanks, I can’t remember what she had on but she tends to dress herself rather uniquely!” The checkout girl smiled and said “It was something to do with the Beatles?” 
I died!!!! I had forgotten that we had gone on the day I did Emmie’s photo shoot for Project Run and Play, and she had remembered us a whole week later because she liked Miss Em’s dress so much. I have to say I beamed all the way out the store after profusely thanking her for making my day!

What about you? Has anyone ever said anything unexpected to you about a project you made that totally made your day?

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