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This is not a paid advertisement in anyway, I just had a really good experience with Canvas on Demand, and thought I would let everyone know!

So I cannot recommend Canvas on Demand more! I have ordered 6 canvases from them (Using a groupon each time) and they have always been lovely, except the one I received yesterday had a slightly shiny black splotch on the black background. I sent them an email asking them what I should do and today they got back to me and said they were already reprinting a new one and to not worry about sending them back the other one. Such great customer service seems so rare anymore, and I will definitely be back for more! 

I ordered a canvas from another company that I found a Groupon for, and ended up spending the extra money to have it reprinted at Canvas on Demand because they are so much better then the other one was (the colors are amazing and the protective finish is really nice.) I got my sister one for Christmas, and she Loved her’s too!

Anyway, if I haven’t gushed enough I also want to share a pin I love from Pinterest, because something like this is what I hope to eventually achieve with all of my canvas purchases!  

Pinned Image

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