Isaac’s Pinterest Room Plan

So I have been looking at several different websites trying to find stuff for Isaac’s next bedroom (Isaac isn’t moving any of his furniture in the next move, it is all super heavy and he has had it for a really long time, most of it thrifted at one point or another.)
I have a few key pieces already, like the globe beanbag, a navy and grey wool rug, and WWII airplane prints, but I am still sort of shopping for the rest of it.
It’s pretty silly wondering what I am going to get considering I really shouldn’t buy anything until we know where we are moving this summer since his room size will depend on where we are (so will a dresser & bookshelf & wire rack even fit?) I don’t know, but here is some of my pinterest dreaming.  

Restoration Hardware Desk 

We already have this, we bought it for him in Alabama.

This is Anthro, but I am pretty sure we could do a knock off for a lot less then a grand.

The vintage airplane motif is from Restoration Hardware, both in sheets and totes.

A place to put the canvas bins, Restoration Hardware.

This would be great for the bottom of his bed, all his shoes could store in here, and he would have a place to sit while putting them on.  Also Restoration Hardware.

  Anyway there is more at my board for him and I will keep adding and refining while I am still in the planning phase. The big question is, is this the sort of room that a young teen through young adult can grow with? What do you think?

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