The Master Bathroom Vanity (for real this time!)

So remember when I was promising to reveal my master bathroom vanity, then I totally got busy and didn’t paint the baseboards and so I never photographed it? Well today I actually got my act together while the kids were at school, and I FINALLY put a done stamp on my master bathroom! (It’s totally the first room in my house with NOTHING left to do in it.)

Wanna see it? I’m super, super excited to show it to you! If you get inspired and want your own vanity for your bathroom then Visit to see if they have the perfect one for your bathroom! First I am going to start with a few before pictures, I took these when we moved in, so they are pre-any upgrades that we have done to the bathroom. If you are looking to get an update on your bathroom, you might be interested in checking out shower kits to get an idea of what you want for your bathroom.

ACK! That’s a bright gold shower!

Hmmmmmm, I’m pretty sure we can do better then plastic crystal knobs on the faucets and broken towel holders.

a nice clean slate ready for a change!

So here is the long awaited vanity! I added mirror to the doors, bead-board wallpaper to the side, painted it black with an antiqued zinc faux finish, added feet so it looks like a piece of furniture, and faux painted the toe-kick to look like my tile floor. (oh, and I added new knobs). For those of you with tiles floors, when it comes to cleaning you could consider Bissell steam cleaners for the deepest of cleans.

So the mirror is something I am PRETTY proud of! I love the mirror on mirror look, and I knew I wanted to dress my vanity mirror up that way, rather than putting a frame around the mirror. The mirrors I got were from IKEA, and I just used mirror mastic (which is a must, any other glue could eat through the back of the mirrors eventually) to glue the 2 square mirrors up to my large builder’s basic mirror. I used duct tape to hold them in place while the mastic dried.

Pretty cool right? I bought the laundry basked at Target, and it is just right for placing in front of the toilet with enough leg room for sitting without feeling cramped, and there are no corners to whack yourself on. I replaced the original builder’s faucets with some I got for $25 a piece at, and the tile backsplash was one I did last year sometime to close the gap between the top of the vanity and the bottom of the mirror. (Oh I also did the lights myself too, I bought some black ones from Lowe’s and painted a little gold accent on them to tie in with the gold trim on the shower.)

I went to the kitchen organization section of IKEA when it came to storage solutions in my bathroom , I did something sort of like this in my sister’s bathroom as a surprise when I went to visit her this last summer, and it was so handy I decided to do it in my bathroom too. My husband loves having all his stuff in one accessible basket, that he can pull off of the hooks and use, then put back with no vanity clutter. (here’s the bit where I admit something terrible to you, for more then 1/2 the time we have lived here we have only used the one sink, because I had all my makeup and hair stuff clutter in the other sink………… I am pretty sure my husband is actually ELATED that we added this organization so he could have his own sink again.)

I used vintage silver-plate trays as wall decor in the bathroom, I like to think of them as the jewelry of the room!

One of my favorite pieces in this room is the towel rack/shelf I got at Hobby Lobby, I love having a place to fold spare towels, and it’s lovely to have a towel that can come straight to hand right as you step out of the shower. The basket is one I got on clearance at Target, and it stores all my curling irons, straighteners, and the blow dryer.

I’ve used an antique gold in several of the accents in this room to tie in the original gold of the shower, we didn’t really want to replace it even though it is super shiny, but I think it now feels intentional with the 3-4 other places you find it in the room. As you can see, we’ve tried to base everything around our shower and its colour. I’d have gone out of my way to make sure that it worked, and if that meant having to look for a Custom walk-in shower base that helped with this, then you can be sure that I would get this done. I’m just glad that everything was able to fall into place, and that included our mats. The floor mat used to be the kind that goes in front of a toilet, I cut it down and finished the back edge so it could fit in front of the shower.

the valance is the one I chronicled making here, and is the inspiration for the pretty grey blue color in the room as well as the gold and cream of the towels. (These colors also work really well with the gold shower.)

We changed out the original tub faucet for one I got on ebay for $50, and then I tiled a few colorful accent tiles into the splash guard around the tub, in order to tie in the backsplash and the original flooring. I have a couple of pieces of mercury glass around the room to continue the mirrored look. (My master bedroom also has mercury glass in it, so it ties the whole master suite together too.)

More mercury glass, and also a drink dispenser for mouthwash (I added cleaned glass marbles to the bottom of the container so that I don’t have to use as much mouthwash to fill it up.)

I’m taking this moment to gratuitously point out my favorite picture of my husband and myself, my Hunny in an Air Force Mess Dress tuxedo? Yes please!

Cleaning my bathroom is the extent of use my gym clothes have been getting lately, ugh, need to get back to the gym after all the Christmas porking I have been doing! The candlesticks tie in the gold and silver together, I always think it’s the little things like that, that make a room cohesive.

This is my jewelry chest, I got it at Hobby Lobby with all black knobs and changed out all the knobs for the color of jewelry that goes inside of each drawer.

I used self adhesive black felt in the bottom of each drawer to cushion the jewelry and stop it from sliding around. (I’m showing you the brown drawer because it’s the tidiest, I apparently have A LOT of blue jewelry because that one is packed.) It is awesome when getting ready in the morning, I have been able to find stuff like never before and I am right by a mirror for testing out looks.

Anyway, I am super excited to have a done stamp in this room, and I hope you will like it as much as I do! I have all the photos ready to write up a tutorial on how to do the mirrored vanity doors, and I am pretty excited to share with you how easy it was! (I’ll try to get it written in the next few days)

Here is the link to the door tutorial!

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