Thrifting and Estate Sales

So on Saturdays Paul and I like to hit all the local estate sales, and today was killer! We went thrifting/estate sale-ing and picked up some crazy great things that we have been looking for/didn’t even know we needed!

So remember that we are re-doing Isaac’s furniture set up because he has outgrown all his current furniture? (pretend you remember) We are doing a combo of purchasing new and old along with making him some brand new things. A DIY we knew we wanted to tackle was his dresser, as I think you can get better quality for a more reasonable price going vintage. Looks wise I liked either this dresser,

(click on picture for origin link)

Or this one,

(dito with the link thing on the picture)

Now I know that these are vastly different from each other, but I was open to both looks in his room, and I didn’t want to lock into a specific style so I was open to whatever we found that was the best candidate. Today we found an all hardwood dresser from the Salvation Army store near our house (for 50% off) that once I re-finish it is going to be awesome; and as we were leaving I spotted the matching side table so we got a set for 50% off on sale and under $100 for both (The style winner was the union jack dresser in case you were wondering! It even has the exact same feet as the union jack dresser.)

Next we went to an estate sale and got an early 1900s cast iron floor lamp, ($17.50) a vintage silk scarf with horses on it for Emmie, ($2) some vintage gnome fabric, ($2) a blue metal bistro chair we might use at Isaac’s desk, ($9) and pressed glass bowl, ($3.) We have a killer project we are doing with the lamp and the bowl, that we have already almost completed, and as a hint I will give you a sneak peek of a picture I love from Pottery Barn……..
(Hint, hint, we are turning the bowl into a shade for the lamp and making it look like mercury glass…..)
We have already re-wired the floor lamp so we don’t burn the house down with the old cord, and the bowl already has a hole I cut in the bottom and the mercury glass finish, but I am only going to show pictures when I put up the step by step photos and it is all finished.
 At the last estate sale I got some great trim, a vintage pressing mit for ironing, and a great ruler all for $4.
Anyway, all in all a great day of hunting and finding some great treasures, and getting set up for some fantastic projects that I can’t wait to share with you! When it is light out again, and I get ready to get started on the various makeovers I will take some pictures of the finds. 

  2 comments for “Thrifting and Estate Sales

  1. January 30, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    The Union Jack dresser is awesome, I also like that it has more drawers for a growing boy. I can’t wait to see your finished pieces.

    With that said: I think I need you to come help me decorate my living room! =) We had everything pretty well done up at our condo and moving here to NC our stuff didn’t fit the same and now everything is miss-matched, there’s no cohesion, and needs an eye like yours.

    • January 31, 2012 at 2:50 am

      The union Jack dresser was the one I preferred to, so I was super excited when I found the perfect one (It has even more drawers then the inspiration one!) Too bad we don’t live closer to each other because you have great expertise in painting things!

      I’m not sure how good I would be to you in the miss-matched furniture department, since I don’t have anything that matches! The one thing I have learned since moving with the military is that the movers will break things and having sets just means you will have 3 of 4 things left intact eventually, and the chair that used to fit in one room, now needs to find a home in another room; so we try to keep everything interchangeable so it’s all similar in feel, but totally eclectic!

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