A New Pillow

I’ve had a migraine today, so I have been pretty wiped out (I went back to bed after getting the kids out the door this morning.) and I haven’t felt like doing much.
I made myself get up at get dressed at 11:00 and decided that I couldn’t waste the whole day, but wasn’t feeling well enough to do anything too exciting, so I made a pillow out of fabric Paul and I picked out for the living room of our next place. (I’m a planner, it gives me a false sense of control; I like knowing I can start gathering things for the move, even if I can’t actually move until July, and since we are selling the house with all the drapes etc. I am going to change color/fabric schemes of the new place.)
It’s a 24″ square pillow that is piped with matching handmade piping, and has a hidden zipper along the bottom (that turned out to be more challenging then I anticipated, sewing the hidden zip next to the piping was a pain.)

The fabric is a linen printed with a leafy tree motif. I was a little worried that the print was sort of grownup for us, but it is a bridge fabric for my color scheme (greens, gray, mustard, teal, beige, cream, and indigo – I know it sounds weird but think almost completely cream with just pops of color) and I am only using it for 3 couch pillows.
Here is a more detailed shot of the linen texture and piping.

I have 2 more to make, but I’ve reached my limit as far as head pain goes, and the kids just got home and I need to help them with homework, so I’ll do those another day.
I always think of simple pillows as being too boring for needing a tutorial, but if anyone thinks they need one let me know in the comments and I’ll photograph the process of making the next ones.
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