Emmie’s Phases of the Moon Project

Emmie came home today saying she needed to make a model of the phases of the moon; we came up with a paper mâché box, with a styrofoam ball spinning on a wood peg axis.

There is a little knob on top that you spin to rotate the moon through its phases.

And a hole cut in the front to show the changing moon.

We used the end of a fat paintbrush to dimple the ball for craters, and dry-brushed it grey and white.

Emmie did the painting and added the stars with a pin head, but I cut the hole in the box and drilled the holes for the feet and stuff since that involved tools and knives. We gave it little feet so it would sit level on its side, with the back feet being longer than the front.

I thought this turned out rather cutely even though I burned my hand like a spaz with the hot glue gun (it dripped straight through the hole in the center of the moon/ball.) I now have a big blister on my right hand – good thing I’m left handed I guess!

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