Finally Done.

Whew, I’m finally done with all the stuff I was trying to do for Project Run and Play! I should have definitely started sewing earlier then I did, since all told I only was able to dedicate a couple of days to it with all the other stuff I have to do. I just kept thinking I had time since it was 2 weeks after all, and then when my fabric didn’t come on time, etc. I just put myself in a time crunch. (The funniest part is, the necklace I made took FOREVER, I’m not sure why, I must just be awkward or something.)

Anyway, after the kids get off of school today, we are going to try to run out and take pictures of everything, and have everything uploaded by this evening. I am pleased that I took the time to make everything (with Paul’s encouragement) because even though I probably don’t have much of a shot of winning (as evidenced by past performance!) it’s not really about that for me. I have spent the last 2 years so involved with school, it has really been hard for me to find the time to dedicate to MY fun version of creating, the last 6 projects have really forced me to get down to doing what I love, and I think the kids have really felt so special that I am taking the time to make them things rather then always focusing on school (which has meant some sleepless nights studying while the kids were in bed so that I could fit it all in.) I wouldn’t be surprised if all of those sleepless nights soon catch up with me though, and when they do, my friend recommended to me that I should try CBD oil to help me get to sleep. She also said that it would be good for any stress that I feel during my study time, as well as everyday life. I just want to be able to fit it all in. But I do think that in my last semester it would be VERY easy to drop everything but school, so this has been very good for me. (Especially before the move this summer, since that will completely effect my ability to do anything for quite a while.)

Anyway, sorry about the boring post, but I wanted to document my done-ness! And Pictures will be coming!!!

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