Glitter, glitter, everywhere….. {photo of the day}

I know I haven’t posted this weeks project run and play outfit yet, that’s because I only started making it last night. I was waffling about what I wanted to make for the theme (this week is special occasion) and I have been so busy with school I just didn’t have the time (my other outfits so far were done while I was still on break in January.) Anyway, inspiration struck yesterday and I ran out and got my fabric, and started on the dress last night………… 
Serious case of craft herpes here…..
I am using a glitter fabric, and *ohmygosh* glitter is everywhere in the house now. The picture is one from the floor of my studio, can you see all the flashes of light mixed in with the granite flecks on my epoxied floor? (sorry about the mess.) 
Anyway, I am doing things a little differently this time, since I didn’t have time to make the pattern I wanted, I used a commercial pattern as the basic starting point, and then I made adjustments (that I photographed the process of making.) So anyone should in theory be able to get the same/similar pattern and make the same adjustments. Hopefully that will sort of demystify some of the alterations that can be made in order to manipulate the fabric into doing what you want. The dress is done now, and completely unrecognizable when compared to the original pattern, which I think is a great example of being able to start with something basic for size, and change it around to your vision rather than being stuck with someone else’s vision. I haven’t finished a little jacket I am making for it, and I need to photograph the dress on miss Emmie, but I will have that all done before Friday morning, so I should be fine.    

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