Happy Birthday to ME!!!

I love birthdays, (Not like my sister Sarah LOVES birthdays, she loves giving, getting, everything associated with birthdays, and she can be denied nothing during her birthday week!) But today happened to be my birthday! I turned 32 this year, with out too much fan fare as far as the age is concerned since I’ve never really worried about how old I am (I have to admit I lied about my age for about 5 years; I told everyone who asked me how old I was while using a judging voice while looking at how tall my children were, that I was 30 from about the age of 25 on, so I didn’t have to hear the “babies having babies” lecture.) But now I am in my 30’s I am quite happy to admit my real age.

Anyway, I have been spoiled rotten, I was sent a lovely hand knit scarf from my sister Sarah, the kids got me a great book on pattern drafting for kids and a purse, and Paul took the day off to spoil me by running me around to different fabric stores to look for white swiss dot fabric (a bust, so I am going to have to order it online) we picked up the WWII airplane art we had framed, and he took me out to lunch and dinner. (My mom also sent me some great pot separators she made, they act as padding for when you stack your pots, we had no idea what they were when we got them, but they are awesome, maybe she will do a tutorial for me to show here?)  

My big present (but not the best, sorry Paul, I have to say the hand knit scarf wins that one!) was a lovely spinning wheel, that I don’t know how to use properly yet, but I will. (I have a book and everything!) I have always wanted to learn how to spin, and hopefully this year will be my year! I already know how to do it in theory, it’s making my hands follow along with that, that will involve a learning curve.

Paul even made me my cake for the first time ever this year. (Usually I get a store bought one, but this year I got a homemade one since he decided to branch off into baking for this momentous occasion!) I was really excited too, because he made my mom’s yummy carrot cake recipe, which is my favorite carrot cake ever.

Last year Emmie suddenly became aware that I am usually the one in charge of making birthday’s happen around here, and she panicked that if I didn’t do it no one would, so she took charge and insisted on being taken out to buy a round cake, and she designed and decorated it all herself with sewing machines and things.

This year she asked to decorate it again, and so Paul let her have at it. Emmie asked me what I wanted as the picture and so I told her to surprise me with something I love……

Can’t tell what it is?

Why it’s Emmie of course, I love her after all!

Here are the images of the photo she was working off of, her drawing of the photo, and then my cake before and after lighting,

She’s so funny, no lack of self confidence with this one, and she is right! I do love her (and her older brother too, whom she conveniently left off the cake!)

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