Lamp Parts {photo of the day}

I am busy today with my schoolwork/fieldwork, so I thought I would show you a picture of the items we got at an estate sale and Lowe’s 2 weekends ago to make a lamp from.

The bowl and antique lamp stand came from the estate sale for $3 (even though it says $4, it was 25% off) and $17.50 respectively, and the other piece is a track lighting pendant that we got at Lowe’s for $9 from the lighting department, in the picture I had already cut the cord off of the back of the socket.

We’ve already made 90% of the lamp, we just haven’t fully committed to what to do with the base; Paul doesn’t like it at all, and I think we can save it with a little routered edge, and some black paint. (I think it’s the shape he’s opposed to, since the metal base is square while the wood is a rectangle, but I’m pretty sure we came to the conclusion that it was important for balance since the top of the lamp is front leaning.)

Anyway, in the next couple of days I’ll put up the process pictures of turning the bowl into a lampshade, and by then I can hopefully show you a finished product because I’ll have completed the base.

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