Magic Wands

First off I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who voted for me in Project Run & Play, I felt very loved by the support everyone was giving me!
Anyway, Isaac and Emmie are participating in something at school called “mini economy” in which they devise a store, make goods for that store, and then they have a market day at school in which they get to spend play money they have earned doing odd jobs around their classes, buying things from each other’s stores.
Isaac and Emmie are on the same team/store called “The Book Nook.” Emmie is making bookmarks, and Isaac is making bookplates (you know, those stickers you write your name on claiming ownership of your book?) and magic wands. (because in our house books apparently = magic wand stories.)

edited to add this picture from my email rather than directly from my cell phone to show the size difference.

Does anyone have an app, or know how to get your iPhone to post decent pictures to your blog? My pictures are tiny on here and blur any time I try to make them bigger, but if you click on the picture it opens a bigger picture, so I know it’s not like the pictures are just such a horrible quality they CAN’T be bigger.  I’m currently using the blogger app and am not too happy with it’s picture options. 

These are the wands in progress, we bought dowels already cut to length, little finials, and wooden rings/wheels from Hobby Lobby; Paul drilled the holes of the wheels to the right size on his drill press since they didn’t have any that would fit ready made in the same size (3/8″) as the dowels and finials. I held the orbital sander upside down while Isaac sanded the tips of the dowels into a tapered round shape, (he’s 11, I don’t think I would let a younger child do this.) Next Isaac and I stained all the pieces before gluing anything together, (in 5 different stains I just had around the house,) and after they dried we wood glued the little wheel/washers on as the top of the handle, and the finial as the bottom of the wands.
Isaac is pretty excited with how these turned out so far. I think he has plans to paint some of the handles different colors, and maybe do some gold accents, but after that he will need to varnish them and make them some tags. I’ll post pictures of the finished product later, right now the kids are out playing in our first snow fall of the year, and I think they have zero interest in coming in to work on their crafts!

(Notice I apparently won’t even go to an open door to take a picture not through a screen. I am not a big fan of cold in any way at ALL!)
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