Many Happy Returns of the Day!

Today has never been a day that has stood out to me as the occasion on which a little groundhog decides how much more winter there is; my whole life, today has stood out to me as the birthday of a most singular lady. 
When I was a little girl, we could say anything and my mom would find a way to make it into a song, which she would quite happily sing at us no matter where we were, (which I definitely do to my kids.) I didn’t believe she slept because I never actually saw her do it (she was always up before us, and in bed way after us,) and she truly was/is the center of our family universe. 
As an adult I realize my mommy is a vibrant, creative, amazing mom and Nana, who is a notorious baby nibbler, and and all around talented woman and friend. Every time my mom comes to my house we end up making something out of stained glass (she is the glass grinder on the team,) helping us lay tile or paint in a bathroom, or running outside to check my mail in the rain mid project………….
(Sorry mom!)

Happy Birthday Mom, you are the classiest lady I have ever met, and I am glad I am tuning into you as I grow up!

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