Milestones and a Mom’s "Running" List….

*warning, long-ish mommy ramble.

(photo credit here, this is my gym’s track, but not my photo)

Paul and I have been training for a 10K we are running in at the end of March, and since we started 3 weeks ago, Isaac has been trying to run with us. Week 1, Isaac looked like a little rhino plowing down the track, and he almost died at the end of a mile. Skip ahead to the next week, and Isaac complained bitterly through 2.5 miles, but kept going with us anyway. This week was week three, and I knew it was going to be harder for me to keep my running motivation since Paul is out of town for military business for the next 3+ weeks. (Isaac has said he will still be my running buddy though.) I ran 2.5 miles without Isaac on Tuesday, 2 with him complaining and partially walking on Friday, and then there arrived today; I needed to run a scary 3.5 miles/30 laps to keep up with my training schedule.

Now I’m not gonna lie; I’m not a runner, not even for pretend. I ran the very first all running mile of my life last summer while we were in Alabama so Paul could attend Squadron Officer School, and 3.5 miles was going to be the longest I have ever run, EVER. I was nervous but confident that I could *survive* it, although I didn’t know what condition I was going to be in at the end. Isaac said he didn’t think he could do it, and truthfully I didn’t think he could do it either, (but he was willing to try to keep up with me for as long as he could,) so we started running.

 Laps 1, 2, and 3-24 felt like no problem. I think I got a “runner’s high” for the first time ever, where it wasn’t like it didn’t hurt a little, but like it was amazing that my body could do what I was asking it to do without slowing or shutting down, and I was excited and felt like I could just keep going. Isaac kept up with me the whole time.

Laps 25-28 still felt pretty good, but I could tell I was reaching my limit, I was wanting to slow down, and I was needing to think more about the running. Isaac was hurting I could tell, but he stayed right there with me.

Lap 29, suddenly Isaac set the pace……….He picked up enough speed I started having to pick up more speed to the point where I pushing myself to not fall back.

Lap 30 we both started running as hard and as fast as we could (Emmie joined us for this one, she’s all about skipping the messy bits and jumping straight into a victory lap!) Isaac got 5 feet ahead of me, then 10, I started cheering for him to finish strong, and then he got 20 feet ahead of me, and I started screaming for him to finish and he pushed to 40-50 feet ahead of me – I could not catch him!!!

That’s right, my 11 year-old complaining rhino suddenly turned into this speedy athlete right before my eyes! I was so excited, and I know the people at the gym must have thought I was crazy for cheering for him since no one had seen how far we had run. (we cycled through about 6 different sets of shorter distance runners, so no one else was there the whole time).

Anyway, after resting and drinking some water, we left the gym. On the way out to the car it was freezing cold, so as a joke I started sprinting without warning up the sidewalk so I could get in the car first and to tease Isaac that I still had (pretend) energy even after the 3.5 miles. Isaac suddenly came up on my left side, pulled ahead of me, and once again I couldn’t catch him.

It has happened.

It only took 11 years, but it is time to begin the list. (If you have kids, then you know the one I am talking about, and you are probably even dreading this milestone – which in my case was literal and figurative!) My son is now officially better than me at something. I can no longer catch him at tag, or trash talk about how I’m gonna kick his booty in a race, etc.

I think all mom’s have this running list of milestones in their heads that they are both looking forward to and dreading; it’s those moments when their children reach for those *er* words, faster, smarter, taller, etc. The next step is bigger feet than me (we wear the same size now,) then he will get taller then me, then his hands will be bigger, then his homework will get to hard for me to help him (k, not gonna lie, I do google stuff from his homework already, but at-least I FIND the answers.)

BUT, no matter what, it all started today, the beginning of the list will always be him getting faster then me, and I am so proud! (and I want to cry!)

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