Project Run and Play Week 6 "Signature Style"

Well, it’s finally here, I’ve got pictures of my signature look for Project Run and Play‘s sew along group. I’ve blooming talked about it enough, so I think I will start with the pictures, and then explain the look as I go, rather than getting long winded here at the top!

Introducing my signature look, “April Showers”

“April Showers” Raincoat, Skinny Jeans, Top, and Matching Umbrella

I made the raincoat, umbrella, skinny jeans, shirt, and necklace for this outfit, which was inspired by my love of Anthropologie, and for real clothes that little girls can wear and still look like little girls in real, modest, clothes. (without being baby.) I would say that more than anything, my signature look would be things that are not only cute, but practical and  wearable as “real” clothes. I love making unique things that make people ask “Where did you get that?” rather then “did you make that?”

Emmie loved how this coat turned out, I actually bought all the materials for the coat way back in outerwear week for Project Run and Play, but since I decided to use the Letterman’s jacket instead, I thought this week would be the perfect opportunity to get it made. I have a red velvet coat from Anthropologie that inspired this look as per Emmie’s request, but I obviously had to add my own twist!  

I made this coat out of 3 different laminated cottons, white faux fur, reflective piping and toggles, and a quilted lining. About 4 inches of the bottom of the sleeves have some of the laminated cotton in the lining, so they can be turned back as cuffs while the sleeves are too long, and then turned back down as she grows.

This coat is a little big for her right now, I made it to fit the measurements of an average 12 year-old, so she won’t outgrow it soon.

The collar has the most amazing texture, I love how crazy the fur is, and that it warms around her neck, without being too much, and that since it is already rather matted, water isn’t going to ruin it either, since it will just dry looking matted.
The hem was rather a challenge, since I decided to add an inset curved piece rather than anything straight – oh and I added a not at all stretchy plastic reflective piping too! Trying to sew laminated cotton into a curve was very exciting as there is NO room for error, and you really can’t ease anything. 

The toggles are made from wood toggles that I bought ready made, and then I dry-brushed them turquoise and sealed them with varnish. The reflective bits that hold the toggles on are made from reflective tape ironed onto a stabilizer, shaped, sewn down, and then riveted, etc. The piping is also made from reflective material, that when it catches the light it goes from grey to white.

The zipper is silver, and has a great chevron in the twill tape. I feel like the reflective piping and toggles are not only just plain cool in their effect, but also great for safety on a rainy day as she will be more visible. 
Here is the best picture I have of the lining; the raincoat is fully lined in a natural colored, pre-quilted cotton fabric, and will be lovely and warm for her all through the rainy spring, and then again in the fall and during the milder bits of winter.
I added my label in the back of the lining with my embroidery machine, as well as the size, so that when Emmie outgrows this I can pass it on without anyone having to guess what size it is. (This picture shows the reflective bits really well.)
The umbrella was made from a $3 neon pink one from IKEA that I took apart and remade in clear vinyl, and the laminated cotton. I added a ruffle to the bottom to make it extra *fancy* for her. She really likes the clear bits because she can hug the umbrella down tightly to her body, and still be able to see through the umbrella while she walks. 
The top is made from a quilter’s cotton, with a ruffled asymmetrical hem, and sweet little puffed sleeves that also have ruffles on the bottom. I added a shot silk taffeta bow brooch in a lovely teal color that for me adds youth to the top, and a sense of playfulness. 
Alternatively though, you can take the bow off and add a necklace for more of a “big girl” look. (This picture also shows the jeans without the boots.) 
The back of the top has an inset ruffled gore leading to the longer curved bottom, with a cute little bow on the top of the triangle. I added a little keyhole at the neck too, with a little button so she can slip the top over her head. 
Here is a better photo of the bow, with a view of the ruffle at the bottom of the sleeves. I always like to squash my ruffles with a nice hot iron, I don’t like them looking too puffy as that is where things stop being “real” looking to me, and become more “homemade” looking.
There is a little pinch pleat at the front neck that the bow covers, which I think is really flattering in a smock style shirt.  
The necklace was inspired by this one at Anthropologie, and it took forever to make! I was counting out 40 green, 40 cream, 40 green, 40 turquoise, 60 green, 40 turquoise, 40 green, 40 cream, 40 green. wash, rinse, repeat, 14 times. 
The jeans are made from a stretch denim that I over-dyed teal, and then pinstriped by top-stitching lines out of 6 different colors of cotton thread, in random stripes. The jeans are made just like real jeans, with zips, rivits, pockets, etc.  
The back pockets are embroidered with rose motifs in the same colors of cotton thread as the pinstripes. 
Gotta love her skinny little pins! 
This picture is her trying to give her dad the stink-eye, she couldn’t stop herself from smiling though she loves him so much! The poor little thing was such a trooper! Conveniently for my raincoat themed outfit it rained all day, but she has been battling allergies and her little eyes kept watering and she was sneezing the whole time, with little black asthmatic dark circles under her eyes. She LOVED the coat though, and stayed warm the whole time (unless I was making her stand in the cold so I could photograph the shirt and jeans!!!)   
Hmmmm, I wonder if it’s still raining? It seems to have lightened a little….. ugh, water in the eye!!!!!!

Anyway, here is my offering for signature look, I hope you like it and I would love to hear what you think and any questions you may have. I’ll let you all know if I get selected for the final 5, and then let you know how to go on over and vote for your favorite look this weekend! (edit: I got selected for the final 5! please go here to vote for your favorite look until Sunday night of February 19th) 

I would also like to add what a trooper Paul was; he stood in the rain for over an hour while holding an umbrella over me and my camera – all the while waiting for a call from the military about his travel arrangements for his trip, which he is supposed to leave for at any moment they get his travel arranged. (He’s not going anywhere dangerous or classified or I wouldn’t say anything.) So thanks babe for spending your last little bit of time with me in the rain!

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