This week is CRAZY

I have had such a week, and the next one to come isn’t promising to be much easier. I spent time dyeing lace, only to not have the fabric I ordered arrive in time, so I shifted into plan B, and have made a completely different top for Project Run and Play, so now no lace needed. (it’s okay, I can always find a use for fabric!) Paul and I started training for the 10K we decided to run March 31st (which might not sound like a big deal to runners, but I have never been a runner, I actually ran my first all-running mile ever last summer, and building up to the 2 miles I ran last night seems like a miracle to me.) We go to Lion King Wednesday, I have class on Tuesday, and I am not completely done with my Project Run and Play look yet, which begs the question, when do I photograph it? (I also have to fit my 16 hours a week of internship in with everything else I am trying to do!)

It seems like everything I need to do is taking me twice as long as *I* think it should, and my timing is apparently impractical when it comes to actually doing things! Oh well, first world problems I guess! I just need to get over the hump of this last semester, and then it will be all smooth sailing with our military move to an as of yet undisclosed location………… it will be smooth won’t it? Tell me it will all be smooth sailing!!!!

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