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I haven’t died, I’ve just been surviving midterms etc. Paul’s home now, and he took a week of leave while I was on spring-break, and we got a lot done, but I haven’t uploaded photos yet. It’s terrible, I have the finished lamp, Isaac’s side table, a painted sideboard, and about a million little things to blog about, and I just seem to not get my act together enough to get them posted (I think it’s because I have all the best intentions of posting tutorials, but if I don’t have the time to do the full thing, I put off doing the post all together.)

Anyway, last week Emmie came home in a panic that she needed a Pocahontas costume like yesterday (I knew she needed one, just never the date) and I made her this one in 1 hour 45 minutes the day she was in the school concert as Pocahontas.

I used my pattern for her project run and play ruffle shirt for the dress, I just made it longer and straight across the bottom, and then I just sewed a straight piece into each armhole and cut them into strips once sewn on, I cut strips into the hem of the dress, and made pants like a nutcase (I just folded my fabric and guesstimated what I thought looked right, then I sewed elastic to the top casing.) I wouldn’t recommend such a slapdash way of making pants, but I was down to the wire and went for it. The fabric was a faux suede so it didn’t fray. The fur was some scrap faux fur I had from something, I just cut 3 organic shapes and safety pinned them all together. I happened to have the boots, and since she is now almost my size she was able to wear them with the Pants tucked into them.

I thought it would be funnier to do authentic Pocahontas, and either have her bald in a faux nude suit (which was what the original Pocahontas would have worn as a child) or in full 17th century English dress with small pocks (which is what happened to older Pocahontas.) Emmie wouldn’t go for either, so she ended up with fakey slightly native American-ish thing. She was very happy with it anyway!

Today I went to the grad fair, and picked up my cap and gown (YAY!) and took a test for one of my 3, 1 credit classes, which is pass fail and you basically go in and take a test to see if you get the credit or not (no pressure there, I only NEED these credits to graduate.) It was a 1 hour test, with 40 questions, each with several parts. I was so worried I almost stressed myself into a fit! I was able to get 100% (I only needed 80% to pass) but man was I sweating it. I have another 2 tests in the next 2 weeks for these credits, and then I am down to just my art history class, my Anthropology class, and then my Fieldwork!

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