A Quick Alteration

I went a little bit ago to a J Crew tag sale, and found the most amazing tunic top in the children’s section. I was given the top for free since it didn’t have a size on it, and it was a designer’s sample, so for all I know it’s a one off! What I loved about this top was the fabric, it’s a linen with wool Nuno felted into the pattern creating an amazing texture, (the top also was fully lined in silk!)

I had a suspicion that it wasn’t quite big enough for Emmie, but knew it would be close, or at least worth it to take home for the fabric alone! I was really excited to find that the top was really close to fitting her, it was just a little tight across the chest, and cut a little high under the arms, which I knew was an easy fix.

I unpicked the side seams and added 2.5 inches (plus seam allowance) of black dupioni silk that I had from my stash, to either side of the top and lining, (this added 5 inches total through the body in width.) I cut the sleeve holes a little lower while I was at it too, just to give her a bit more room.

Since there were pockets in the original top, it was pretty easy to keep them by sewing the pocket to the black silk the same way it was previously sewn to the back linen.

In order to tie in the black silk, I made a little bow to attach to the tunic front, I actually like it better with the bow too, it’s cute! (the black is also on the zipper pull that came with the tunic, and the black leaves, so I went with the black as a tie in to that.)

Miss Emmie loves this top, and I love that I got a great designer top for free, plus about an hours worth of work!

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