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Oh my goodness, this week……. I was working on a project for the sew along for Project Run and Play for last weeks theme of pattern remix, and then my sewing machine died…….. Well, it didn’t DIE die, but it started acting up and I just can’t make myself sew something badly (the lower looper wasn’t catching everything, so my stitches were showing up short and long intermittently) So my skirt it sitting about 90% done on the floor of the studio where I will pick it back up when my machine comes back from the shop. If my machine stops working then I will have to look at some sewing machine reviews to find a good replacement for it because it’ll be cheaper than sending it back to the shop every time something goes wrong. I’ve had it for a long time so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was on its last legs! I could have used my embroidery machine to finish it if I had wanted to, but I am an old dog and like MY machine for sewing things.

We got Emmie a desk for her room after much searching, only to find out that the desk we had settled on for Isaac’s room wasn’t going to be an option since it was a mini-desk (it was a Restoration Hardware desk, and it turns out that it is too short for a big boy) so we went back to hunting for a desk for him. (which I was not happy about since I LOVED the Restoration Hardware desk.) Anyway I found one on craigslist for $55 which was an amazing price difference, but I have to paint this one and change some things, which is sort of difficult, because right now time is not something I have a lot of. Why? Because we have a little over a month before we put our house on the market and 3 months before we will be in Korea. All my time at the moment has been spent either getting the house ready to go on the market or researching the best way to sell it. Ideally, we would like it sold before we move to Korea, so that doesn’t give us long. A friend sent us the link to House Buyers of America (https://www.housebuyersofamerica.com/we-buy-houses-virginia) which is apparently the quickest way to sell your home, so I guess we always have that option.

I have had killer allergies all week, I feel in a fog, and can’t remember half my words. I did manage to paint 2 dressers and the second gray sideboard this weekend, I had pictures of everything in process, but then discovered that none of them had recorded onto the camera! Ah well, I can show finished products anyway.

So after all the work I have done (moving Isaac’s new dresser upstairs last night at 10:00 pm?) I decided to share something I took pictures of FOREVER ago, and never shared (total theme of my blog?) I had Emmie’s bed at a fabric design class critique last year, and I was determined I was going to take artsy pictures of the quilt before sharing it here, but I have since decided that sharing is better than nothing, so instead you get to see the pictures I took of her bed in the critique room rather then some place scenic.

You won’t remember it since it was forever ago, so I will post a link here of Emmie’s bed before post, so you can see what I started with.

And then here is her bed now,

I am absolutely in love with this bed, it is so her, and looks great in her room! I spray painted the bed green, sanded it back a bit, and then rubbed walnut stain over the whole thing before clear coating it all.

I printed a huge E, which I found on the computer. If you don’t have the means to print something off at home, you might want to learn more about online document printing from Doxzoo. It may only take them a day to get it back to you, so it won’t put your project on hold for long. The E was in a pretty font and I traced it onto the headboard before painting it in gold enamel paint. (I did this before the stain and clear coat). Emmie feels like such a princess with her monogrammed bed!

The bed skirt is made from Anna Maria Horner’s innocent crush line, which I found after I made the quilt, and I was very happy with how many colors in this line went with the one’s I had already put in the quilt!

The pillows are some I made for a school assignment, I painted the pictures, scanned them onto a computer, and then had them printed onto fabric at school (like you would at spoonflower or something). I quilted the fabric, and then added the piping, ruffled edges, and pom pom trim. The Bigger pillow has a detached needle lace flower in the dolls hair.

Next up for the class assignment was the quilt, I was supposed to make something with printed fabric that took more then one of the processed we had learned over the semester, and this quilt actually took LOTS of steps.

I was inspired by the Sugar Pop N Change Quilt at Moda Bake Shop, although I used my own dimensions etc. when it came to actually sewing it together.

There are 12 different printed fat quarters in this quilt, I started with all white fabric, that I had split into 3 1 yard sections, I used a thickened brown dye on a foam roller, and I rolled over the fabric with a texture underneath the fabric (there was a Lego board, a plastic light panel and something else I can’t remember.)

Next I split the yards into 4 and then smeared thickened dye in bright colors over each of the fat quarters. after leaving for 24 hours, I washed and dried each of the fat quarters. Next I screen printed with while pigment on each of the fat quarters, with screens I made from some hand drawn images.

Each square in the quilt has 2 of each piece of fabric. I used my sewing machine to quilt this piece, with yellow thread in a free motion style.

Anyway, so here is Emmie’s bed, I have to run to class now, so sorry about any mistakes/typos, I’ll fix them when I get back from class!

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