Emmie’s Curtains

Here’s a terrible camera phone peek at Emmie’s new curtains.

They are made from 8 different Anna Maria Horner prints (mostly her Innocent Crush line)sewn together in strips (my living room rod is obviously too short since they are dragging on the floor) and they go with Emmie’s already existing bedskirt.

I used giant rick rack on the center edge as a lacy trim (my husband’s idea!) I added it by sewing a titch of one edge into the seam as I sewed the curtain lining onto that edge. There are 2 different smaller rick racks on the same middle edge. Emmie designed these curtain’s all by herself, selecting the fabrics, the trims, the red grommets at the top, and the order in which the stripes were sewn together. (Which is sort of funny in the sense that these curtains sort of look like a crazy toddler dressed them-self in whatever their favorite things were no matter how they went together!) They are super busy, but in the grand scheme of Emmie’s room, they will be adorable, and they are very HER.

I can’t wait until they are in place in her next room! (I will take real pictures then I promise!)

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