Homemade Monday!

I feel like I need to add a DON”T LOOK MOM!!!! disclaimer since my mom hates it whenever I paint wood! (Not all wood is good mom!) But really this will work out better for the house plan in Korea, the walls will be so light, that the dark would just look so stark against the walls.

So I am trying a new schedule to see if it helps me stay on track with blogging and having fewer breaks in-between posts, and today is Homemade Monday, (a day for all things around the house!) Today I am going to be showing a project I did while Paul was in Korea, since I am a butt and never post things real time.

I have 2 mahogany sideboards in my living-room, that were not going to make the move to Korea, since I didn’t like how shiny they were (they had really glossy lacquer on them) and the storage wasn’t very practical because the clear glass showed everything you put inside of them.

It’s sort of hard to see inside the glass because of the glare, but inside the house you could see everything inside!

I spent FOREVER stripping the original finish off of the sideboard, did I say FOREVER? I used gel stripper, a scraper, and steel wool. I don’t have any pictures of this bit because I was home alone with gloves and goopy hands, so no camera touching allowed. Before I started stripping, I took the glass out of the sideboard too.

After everything was off I sanded and wiped down the surface with a damp cloth and then dry-brushed a light gray flat paint onto the surface; I would barely dip the end of the brush in the paint, and then brush it into the surface until there was not a bit of wet paint left on the brush. I did this in layers building it up a bit at a time, until I was happy with the look, (some wood was left showing.)

Next I hand sanded a few worn spots into all the edges, I like to do this for several reasons – A. because I like the look, and B. because if it gets scuffed later during a move it looks like it belongs. I then wiped stain into the whole thing, and rubbed away all the excess, leaving more in the cracks and recesses. Once the stain was dry I brushed flat clear varnish onto the whole thing and let it dry before adding back all the original hardware.

I knew the glass couldn’t stay clear, and I have had great success in the past with looking glass spray paint, and this was exactly the look I wanted for this project. I like the look of mercury glass rather than just straight mirror, so after spraying the silver paint onto the glass, I spritzed it with a mixture of water and white vinegar, and let it sit a bit before I dabbed the back of the glass with a paper towel to create a mottled look.

Anyway, after my wonderfully picture-less description I can now show you the finished product!

To me this is so much better! It’s lighter, brighter, and you can actually store ugly things inside of it! (of course now you can see the kid’s knitting basket and the drill cord that I should have removed before taking the picture!)
One of the things that the dry-brushing did was leave the dark spots in all the edges and carved bits, the stain helped, but the dry-brushing really is where that came from.
here is a look at the mirrored glass, the little black spots are the “worn” spots in the faux mercury glass.
Hmmmmm, maybe this picture shows the glass better?
I also added a shelf on the inside too, so that the storage is more practical and I don’t have to stack things on each other inside. (Nothing exciting, just a mahogany colored shelf from Lowe’s that I cut to size and installed with shelf clips.)
So here’s the before…..

And then the after…… (Yes, I am super awesome and apparently didn’t notice the lip gloss under the sideboard before taking the picture!)

In case you were wondering why I am speaking singularly about this project when I originally said I had two of these sideboards, it’s because I only have one done so far! Paul has taken on the stripping of the second sideboard, and it is almost done at which point I will paint and finish it. (I just couldn’t face stripping another one, did I mention it took me FOREVER?) Maybe I’ll get Paul to take pictures of the paint process while I do the second one if anyone is interested?

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