New Season of Project Run and Play! Week 3

The new season of Project Run and Play is in full swing, and I have been following the competition but not playing in the sew along thanks to a sewing machine that needed to be serviced. This week’s challenge was Earth Day, so you could use any recycled, upcycled, or organic fabric. I got a wild hair yesterday that I would make something for the sew along flickr group, and ran out to my local thrift store to find something in knit fabric, so I could make something with just my serger and cover stitch machine, that way I could still play without worrying about my sewing machine! (I got it back from the service place a couple of days ago, but it is STILL skipping stitches, so back it goes!)

Here are the shirts I started with, they were $2.99 each, one in a small, the other in a 2XL. Sorry about the crappy cell phone picture, I didn’t pay attention to the fact it was blurry when I snapped it. 
I picked apart all of the seams (gotta love picking out serging, NOT. I did it during an episode of Criminal Minds so it took a little less then an hour since I fast forward through the commercials, which doesn’t seem as long as it felt.) I saved all the trim pieces from the small shirt so I could add them to the finished top.
I had to be a bit creative with my piecing in order to get all the fabric I needed for the top I made, there are 5 different seams in the light pink velvet yoke portion just to make it all fit, luckily they are mostly hidden by the pile of the velvet.
Here is the finished product, I made a bubble shirt with little capped sleeves (the sleeve caps were the bust pieces of the original small shirt.)
I used the front trim and bow as is from the small top.
In order to hide a seam I needed to add to the width of the front, I cut the side trim from the small top in half and gathered it so that I could sew it into the seam as a detail. 
The back is more simple, with less fullness gathered into the hem band.
 Anyway, here is my offering for week 3, I am glad I took the time to make it, I was feeling pretty stressed out about not doing any sewing lately, and this “scratched the itch” so to speak! (Emmie’s shorts are thrifted too from last year which is why they are a *little* tight, that girl is a weed I tell you!) Emmie did her own hair this morning, and I only managed to take the pictures as she ran out the door for school, she asked that her sleepy face NOT be in any of the photos, hence the chopped off head!
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