Emmie’s New Dresser

Last Summer I posted about the turquoise dresser I refinished for Emmie, (now sold on craigslist because it would have taken up too much horizontal space in Emmie’s room in S. Korea) and then a few days ago I posted about another sold dresser from her room, the purple vanity, (which didn’t give enough storage on its own to be her only dresser, so we needed to compact down to one tall dresser so that the footprint stayed compact, but the storage was there.

Paul found this dresser at the Salvation Army store,

it had some pulls missing, but other than that it was in perfect shape! Paul and I sanded the dresser, and I filled the drawer pull holes with putty, I didn’t mind too much that 2 pulls were missing, since these pulls were very cheap looking versions of a style I usually really like.

It took 4 coats of orange paint to cover the dresser properly, (I think orange is somewhat similar to red in that sense.) and then I hand sanded back all of the edges, and then wiped on an Early American stain, waited an hour and then did one coat of satin poly. I don’t have any in progress pictures, because coat 4, the sanding, the stain, and poly were all done in one afternoon while I was on a marathon phone call with my sister in Colorado, it was so funny I couldn’t believe we talked that long! (Love You Becca!)

so here is the finished dresser,

Miss Emmie can only see in the top drawer if on tippy toes, but I figure I just need to blink and she will be taller! (and until then we can store rarely used stuff in that drawer.)
I added white ceramic pulls from Hobby Lobby, into newly drilled center holes,

I like the pop of brightness that the white adds, and I think that they still feel inline with the piece.

We added 3 brass hooks per side (also from Hobby Lobby) to hold her necklaces and other treasures, she is a big fan of jewelry, and we figured this was a great way to keep things tangle free and as she becomes a teen, I think the look and feel will stay right on target for her.

 I only have 2 more dressers I have re-made that I haven’t shared with you now! (them my insane search for storage will possibly stop bombarding you!) The one for Isaac’s room, and one I just finished yesterday since I only refinished it on a whim rather then donating or selling the unfinished piece I already owned on craigslist. (It’s the new entertainment stand for our TV in Korea.) Anyway, I would love to hear what you think of all this ORANGE!

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