Hola Kids!

I am mostly writing about our adventures in Peru so my kids can keep up with what we are doing, so feel free to skip these posts!

Today as part of our Peruvian tour we went to Pisac and saw the ruins there (I ended up out of breath like woah, the altitude kicked my booty!)

and then we went to Ollantaytambo where they had the most amazing terracing I’ve ever seen, the scale was huge!

Every mountain around here had terracing, according to my art history book, terracing was partially to show mastery over the world to intimidate enemies (in addition to the whole gardening thing) and I can imagine it would have been quite intimidating to see in its hey day.

Next we went to Chinchero where I bought a really nice backstrap loom, woven scarf,

And then we headed for home at our hotel. Here’s our room on the inside,

The stones are the original Inca palace, which is pretty neat!

Tomorrow we are doing a city tour here in Cusco, and then Friday we start the trek up the Inca trail (which we have discovered is just the 4 of us in the group! We are pretty excited to be having a private tour without the expense of a private tour!)

I’ll see if I can write more tomorrow, after the city tour, please take care of Nana, (and especially Gramma) Isaac and Emmie!

Love you guys!

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