In Peru!

It seems I can get Internet in our hotel, so I can upload my phone posts!

Oh my gosh, we had to run like crazy in the Lima airport to get through security, an to our flight with seconds to spare! We had a series of perfect events in which our bags came off the carousel first, we got through customs at lightning speed, we were first told no at the ticket counter, then yes, and then we RAN LIKE CRAZY PEOPLE, through the airport to security and then to a bus waiting to take us to our plane.

We haven’t seen Sarah or Scott yet, the original plan was to meet them at our terminal where we got off in Lima from Miami, but when we thought we weren’t going to make the flight we emailed them a message that we hope they got, telling them to go on without us, I am very worried that they are in the Lima airport trying to find out what happened to is, rather than proceeding on to the flight, hopefully we’ll see their shining faces in the next couple of minutes.

Ha, ha, blurry success! I couldn’t hold still long enough to take the picture I had so much adrenaline from the run!

What a RELIEF! we are all together, I haven’t managed to lose my little sister! We are in a group with a proficient Spanish speaker, and our adventure can start!

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