Last Class and a Side Table!

Tonight was my last class EVER for my bachelor’s degree! Now I just have 2 exams standing between myself and graduation, can I get a WHOOT!!! WHOOT!!!

I have been very naughty and sewed an Anthro-esque pseudo knock-off top for Emmie the day before yesterday, when I should have been tidying my house, but didn’t want to. I will take pictures of it tomorrow, since we are going to Jamestown for a field trip, and she wanted to save it for then. I even managed to take pictures while I was sewing, so I might even pull myself together enough for a tutorial…… crazy talk!
I’m going to go to bed now, but thought that I would leave you with a couple of pictures of Isaac’s new side table, since I did it a while ago, and keep thinking I’ll take good non-camera phone pictures of it, and I haven’t yet – so *instead* you get crappy cell phone pictures, with a lovely background view of my previously messy garage (it’s clean now I swear!)
Here is the table before I refinished it, we got it and a matching dresser at the salvation army, and I want to say the side table was $17.50 on a half off sale.

I used a stripper and scraped off everything I could, and then sanded it all down (I tried to not sand all the marks off of the top, because I actually like the patina they have.)
After sanding down the whole thing, I stained it all a dark walnut color, and then got out my paints. My inspiration for this table was actually my paternal grandfather, Albert Gerald Lewis, who flew Hawker Hurricanes for the R.A.F. in WWII, here is a picture of him that was taken for LIFE magazine (He was a pretty big deal South African flying ace for Britain back in the day, he had a full 2 page spread and everything; he was a total dream boat pinup!)
I decided to model Isaac’s side table after my grandfather’s Hurricane, and used this picture to get the details, from a model airplane kit that was made of my grandfather’s airplane (told you he was a BIG deal!). We love model aircraft kits in this house as it reminds me of my grandfather’s achievements and makes me feel close to him. Plus, I love being crafty and creating things and the models always work well with our wartime decor.
I painted the British bulls-eye wrapped around the front, with the red white and blue rectangle on the bottom shelf. (I swear I didn’t paint the stripes in the wrong order, it depends on what side of the plane you are standing on as to how they read right to left)
I then wrapped my grandfather’s Hurricane’s serial number around the sides,
And then I sanded and distressed everything back, and rubbed in more stain, and then sealed the whole thing with matte poly. I used the original hardware because I liked it, and it was in good shape on both the side table and the dresser. I made the mistake of asking Isaac if he thought it looked more masculine now and he said, “Well, I’d hate to assign a gender to a side table…..” Awe man schooled by my son! He’s right though, furniture is only a gender if we decide it is.
So here’s the before again,
And now the after,
(again, sorry about the picture quality, I’ll get better ones when his room is done)
I love how this turned out, and for $17.50 and a bunch of paints and stains, etc. that I already owned, I think we got a killer deal!
I have already finished Isaac’s matching dresser, I did it with a Union Jack, and I am pretty much in love with it! I have already taken the pictures, I just need to upload them etc.
Anyway, good night all, I would love any comments with your thoughts on Isaac’s side table, and wish me luck on the field trip tomorrow, groups of kids always scare me, and I am pretty sure they can smell the fear…..

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