Our Couch Saga

As part of our move we are getting a new couch, the current couch in our house is a leather one that sucks; seriously it is the worst, it’s only 3 years old and has a sag in the middle, the leather is peeling and worn, and the frame in one arm is cracking. Admittedly, leather can crack or dry if nothing is done to soften it. In hindsight, using a leather softener would have been wise. We have not abused this sofa, it is apparently just a rubbish sofa, that we didn’t pay rubbish sofa prices for RoomStore I’m looking at YOU. (We even paid for the lifetime leather warranty on it, and they apparently don’t cover what is happening to our couch, punctures yes, color rubbing off no, which is NOT what the sales guy told us.) We were unsure whether to get a leather couch again after this one let us down, but with sites like Lulu & Georgia offering luxurious and high-quality sofas in all sorts of materials, we’ll be able to make a decision on the right couch for us.

Anyway, we have decided that rather than looking for a middle of the road price point for a couch, we would spend a little more. One of our friends recently got a gorgeous sofa from a custom furniture los angeles shop so we decided to take a look online for ourselves to see what was on offer. In the end, we looked at Ethan Allen, Arhaus, Pottery Barn, and Restoration Hardware. We immediately eliminated Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn, since most of their furniture seems to be over sized, (although lovely!) Ethan Allen had a couch we really liked, the arms were pretty, it was more petite, and was long enough for Paul to lie down on. The cons were, it was a bit more pricey than I was hoping for, and I don’t love the crack in the center, as nobody really wants to sit on a crack! The fabric choices also all seemed to be quite precious, like I would worry about the kids sitting on the thing.
A couple of days ago at Arhaus we found this sofa,
It is on sale for $1,000 off, and we could select any fabric we wanted for the same price, BUT if we wanted to get it in time, it would have to be this fabric since it’s what they keep in stock. The fabric was honestly yucky, scratchy to the hand, and had a slight sheen. I love the cushions though, the nail head trim, and the wood base. I decided that I couldn’t justify buying a sofa that I didn’t love for the same price as a custom one, simply settling because we couldn’t get it on time for the move.
So yesterday Paul and I were talking, and we came up with the thought that maybe we could get something upholstered in time locally, if we could find a high quality base couch at a thrift store. Paul called all the local upholstery places and found out that most of them could get it done for us in 2 weeks, which would work perfectly timing wise, as long as we could find the sofa to recover in time.
We looked locally, but couldn’t find anything, but today Paul had to go up to DC to get some paperwork done for his orders, and while up there we hit our favorite Salvation Army Store, and found the PERFECT sofa, it was the exact silhouette of the Ethan Allen one, and with a fabric change and some legs it would look great! Try not to be too underwhelmed here……..

Here is the great arm that is like the Ethan Allen one.

The fabric is a little special and dirty.

Did I forget to mention how how low it is? Poor Paul is super tall and he looks a little odd on this low sofa, but we figure if we add taller legs with wood trim and nail heads like on the Arhaus one, we can bring it up to the correct height for him!

We are going to try to see what it will cost to have 3 new seat cushions put on it rather than the 2, since I don’t like the split down the middle, and I think it would look better matched up with the back cushions anyway. We are also going to have the cushions stuffed a little thicker I think, we want it to be cushy.

Here is a tiny odd bit, there is a wooden block on the back that holds the back cushions at the correct height, I’ve never seen that before! The sofa is really solid though, and all hardwood construction with springs and everything (no MDF here!) and from what we have gotten as quotes it will cost anywhere from $550 to $950 have it re-upholstered, plus the cost of fabric – which will still make it about half the price of the Arhaus couch, with the fabric I want and in 2-3 weeks rather than a month or two! (I’ve found the perfect fabric too at a local store for $18.95 a yard, it is on hold just waiting for the upholsterer to tell us how much he needs tomorrow, when we go in for the final quote with the new legs etc!)
Have you ever thought about getting something upholstered rather than buying new? I never thought it would be in our price range, and I am seriously excited to see what our custom furniture will look like! (I’ll be sure to share what I can as we go!)
Tomorrow afternoon our real estate agent is coming for the first time too, so we are a hopping around here!

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