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Wow are you all going to think the only thing I do around here is make dressers…….. I am actually starting to think the only thing I do around here is make dressers!

As part of my mad dash for more storage before we head to S.Korea, I knew that I needed a new dresser for Paul. Most people live in a world where the wife has all the clothes, and her husband heaves long suffering sighs about how he is allowed only one corner of the closet if that. (or so House Hunters on HGTV keeps telling me so). I’m well aware that this makes it sound like he has no storage at all. Trust me, he does, but not as much as he would like to have, I’m sure. If he had it his way, he would want to have a look at this amish handcrafted furniture so he could find the perfect storage chest for him and his needs. He just thinks that they can truly heighten a room’s appearance and bring it alive. He’s right, they do. Well, from what I’ve seen anyway. But he doesn’t need this type of storage yet, as our main priortiy is finding somewhere for his clothes, but this could be something we look into at a later date. The only reason why we’re rushing this process is so that people realize he now has somewhere to put his clothes, as they think I have all the space. WELL in *our* house Paul has 80-90% of our walk in wardrobe, while I have a dresser and a little corner of the closet for my dresses and shoes (which are either flip flops or boots.) It’s not entirely his fault, he IS a total clothes and shoe horse, I am not going to lie, but mostly the amount of space he takes up comes from the stuff Uncle Sam keeps issuing him, (2 pairs of huge boots, 4 camo uniforms, 4 blues uniforms, mess dress, etc.) or from his obsessive compulsion to hang everything except his t-shirts because his military fastidiousness carries over into his regular clothes and he doesn’t like his stuff wrinkled.

ANYWAY now you know more about the state of our closet than you ever dreamt you would, the bad news is that we are losing the walk in wardrobe when we move to our next apartment, and the dresser that he has been using is a long low buffet style one, that lives in the closet and A. is ugly and was free on craigslist 6 or 7 years ago, and B. won’t make the cut for the new room because there isn’t a wall long enough to hold it that isn’t holding a bed instead. We could find some storage unit prices and see if it is worth putting it in there, but that is something we still need to think more about at this point.

I like our bedroom,

(I have how-to pictures for our trim wall, I just need to put together a blog post)

sorry these pictures were taken at night and I didn’t do anything to color correct them, our room is actually pale grey)

Our bedroom is pretty. I like MY dresser that was bought to go with our pretty bedroom.

the knobs aren’t original, I added those.

Unfortunately we bought my dresser on closeout at a store, and we cannot get anything to go with it (although I didn’t want to get anything that matched exactly, I prefer a more collected look) So we went on the hunt for a thrift store dresser that I could redo. Paul really liked the dresser we found, it was nothing like we were looking for, but he trusted that I would make it match our bedroom….Challenge accepted!

What? You were thinking it would be more……well just more? Maybe from this angle,

Not too much better, yes it is dated and the knobs are ugly, but I saw potential! It was a solid wood dresser made by Thomasville and it was in perfect condition minus the dated bits. (it has some lovely burled maple accents on it!) See, my dresser has cool wood inlay parts, and then the body is a thick textured black with gold accents,

I knew that I could paint the thrifted dresser to coordinate with my dresser, without being matchy patchy.

Paul did me a serious solid and sanded the whole thing down for me, which is my least favorite part of making over furniture. and I took over from there, I stained the trim on the door fronts,

and added wood filler in the holes left by the dated knobs.

and then taped them off so they didn’t get painted, after which I spray painted everything except the trim gold. (Paul taped off all of the burled bits on the dresser body for me, so they didn’t get painted.) Next I painted everything black and then sanded it back to reveal the gold in all the wear spots (my dresser was done this way) Then I painted some gold swirly motifs on to the top and sides, with some hand drawn frames on the drawers, to add detail like on mine. I sanded the details back so they didn’t look so new, and then I added crackle medium to the whole thing and let it dry. The next coat was just a clear coat so that the crackle medium would crack. (Have you noticed I’m only talking about this bit and not showing pictures? That’s because Paul wasn’t around to make me stop and take them, or take them for me, I was in the ZONE I tell you and was too busy knocking out steps.)

Next I took the tape off of all the burled bits and rubbed walnut stain over everything, this got caught up in the cracks, on the exposed wood, and under my fingernails. After the stain dried I sealed the whole thing and added a satin poly to the whole thing, then drilled the new holes for the new knobs that I got for the dresser at Hobby Lobby (this is the moment I would like to stop and say, what the heck Anthropologie? I bought the knobs for my dresser there for around $8 a knob I want to say? and Hobby Lobby had insanely similar knobs that are just missing the indent in the ceramic for $2 a knob after the sale price.)

After all that writing, do you want to see the finished product? Are you still with me?

Here is the finished product! Paul just loves it and keeps petting it every time he comes into the room. He has all of his T-shirts rolled into it in some sort of fancy sleeve length vs. frequency of wear pattern that would never work in my chest of drawers (especially since my method is a bit more of a stuffing technique)

Here’s the gold work and the thick black paint on my purchased dresser,

and here’s the top of my dresser,

Not matchy, but referencing and coordinated.

The burl is stunning, and I think it has the beauty to carry the wood portion of the dresser, the same way my dresser has the inlay on the drawer fronts. I wish I was more patient and waited to photograph things in the daylight, It is impossible to see how things really look with a flash! (But knowing me I would never post pictures if I had to wait to take pictures.)

I even added sticky back felt to the fancy little valet thingy in the top drawer (which Paul especially likes, since he always takes his watch off at night, and now it has a place.) Right now the dresser is living on the wall that used to house the tall mirror, but when we move it will have the TV above it.

I am pretty happy with this one, it turned out is if it has an almost antique/collected quality to it, and I love that Paul LOVES it so much!

So what have you been up too? Tell me I’m not the only crazy lady knee deep in projects!

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