Running Late

We have been delayed all day, lightning struck our first plane and delayed it, and we had to run for our second flight, only to find they had given our seats away because we cut it so close with our connecting flight! We were able to get re assigned seats, a kind lady offered to swap her nice exit seat to squish between to people so Paul and I could sit together, (thank you nice lady, that was a lovely thing to do!) and we will hopefully make it to Lima without incident and then clear customs at record speeds so that we make our connecting flight to Cusco!

Goodness it has felt stressful and eventful trying to get this far today (I might have started off grumpy after spending hours trying to get the kids passports for Korea dealt with this morning so they are being processed while we are away.

This is what stressed out and tired looks like with no make up after dealing with grumpy customer service people all day, it isn’t pretty let me tell you!

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