On our way! {photos of the day}

So I am now safely in Arizona for the next few weeks, we are visiting my mom, step dad, and two of my sisters while out here and are looking forward to the family time before heading over to South Korea in July.
We own 2 cars right now, but are only in need of one, (as that is all we are allowed in South Korea,) so we are selling our one car to my sister and her husband (the ones who came to Peru with us.) We need to drive both of our vehicles out from Richmond, VA to Tucson, AZ in order to drop one off with my sister, and the other off in California to be put on a boat and shipped to our next base (we could have sent it from the east coast but it would have taken an extra month to get it in Korea) both Paul and I were both going to need to be drivers, although I was a bit worried because I had never done an across country drive all by myself! My sweet sister, Sarah, came to my rescue and flew out to help me finish up the last of the packing we needed to do, and then drive across the country with the kids and me! (ALL 37 hours of it!)
I wish I had pictures from our whole trip, but we honestly didn’t stop and take many! We started in Virginia, and then drove through Tennessee FOREVER with our first day being 10 hours long- poor Sarah only found out once we got started that she couldn’t do any of the driving, because the car we were in charge of bringing is a manual rather then an automatic! She was my life saver though, as we both went hoarse from how much we were talking and catching up with each other, so I never felt sleepy while driving!
We decided to take 4 days to do the trip, going the scenic route since we wanted to stop whenever we felt inclined (we were on an adventure!) We took two days to get through Tennessee; we stopped at a Pearl Museum (and I hit a squirrel, I am actually still traumatized….I hate to think how the poor squirrel felt about it!) and while in Tennessee we might have, sort have run out of gas……… I don’t want to talk about it.
Well okay, Paul’s car doesn’t have a sound or anything to indicate it is low on fuel, so by the time I noticed I was low on gas we were in the middle of nowhere and didn’t see a gas station for at least 30 miles. Finally we saw a sign that said “gas in 1 mile” but unfortunately we only made it about 10 ft past that sign. Isaac and I left Sarah and Emmie in the car, and Started the one mile RUN up the road (I was so thankful for our 10K training at this point!) me in flip flops and Isaac in Tevas, we got about 3/4s of a mile up the road when a very nice man and his teenage son offered us a ride in the back of his pickup truck (I watch Criminal Minds, so I was very suspicious that we were about to get murdered, but felt good about getting in the back of the truck rather then in the cab) and they took us the rest of the way to the gas station, helped us put the gas into a plastic jug (the gas station didn’t have a gas can, so I bought a bottle of water and we emptied it out,) and then they gave us a ride back to the car so we could put the gas in the car. All told the crisis took less then 30 minutes, and it was sort of funny after all! We simply drove the rest of the way to the gas station to fill all the way up!
Instead of dropping down into Texas for the majority of the trip we went to Oklahoma, and Oklahoma city to visit where Isaac was born in 2000 (while we were stationed in Wichita Falls Texas) and Sarah’s husband Scott served an LDS mission. We went to the Cowboy museum, and ate ice cream at Scott’s favorite place Braums. The Cowboy Museum was pretty amazing, and as a Blue Star museum we were able to show military ID and get in for free!

The 3rd day of the trip we made it just across the New Mexico border to spend the night there before moving on to Arizona for day 4. We had traveled 10 hours on the first day, 11 hours on the second day, 6 hours on the third, and now we only had 10 hours to go in the trip. So this would be the perfect time to get pulled over right? Luckily it wasn’t because I was breaking the law through my driving, but because one of my headlights had gone out, and I couldn’t tell because we were in a town with street lights. I didn’t get a ticket, but we decided getting pulled over officially made it a road trip!

The next morning we actually took a picture or two (yay us!) We got a wild hair, and decided to stop in Roswell, New Mexico and take pictures with all things alien! Isaac is a huge alien fanatic, and reads “fact” books about them all the time, so we knew this was going to be his stop. We went to Walmart the night before (when we got pulled over) and bought tin foil upon Sarah’s suggestion, and once in Roswell we made ourselves tin foil hats, and walked around taking pictures! I’m sure everyone thought we were crazy, I suppose they would probably be right! (we had fun though!)
Sarah and I protecting our brains from Alien mind control!
The kids were very into designing their hats, Isaac’s kept falling apart though!
Sarah was apparently powerless to the wiles of this handsome devil!
Aren’t you sorry you weren’t there to be COOL with us!

After some shopping and getting back on the road, we drove the rest of the way to Tucson AZ, arriving by 6:00 in the evening. It was a seriously long and gruelling trip, but we are so proud of ourselves for doing it! As I said at the start, I was so worried about being able to drive this road trip and I really doubted myself, but I proved myself wrong. It has given me the confidence to start considering a road trip vacation abroad. I would love to visit Iceland one day and driving there would be the easiest and cheapest way of getting around. I had lots of questions but found answers to many of them on https://www.carsiceland.com/post/driving-in-iceland-faqs-advice, which calmed any remaining nerves that I had. Hopefully, I keep this courage and am able to book a vacation like this soon!

We have been sewing up a storm since we got here on Wednesday to Nana’s house; Sarah and Emmie have made dresses, Sarah and I have made matching quilt tops, and we have plans for all sorts of other projects (I think my family saves up for when I am in town!) I am going to try to post more stuff while here before we move on to Korea and the real changes start happening! Paul is going to be driving out next week with a loaded minivan, so he’ll be doing our trip all over again (hopefully without the running out of gas or getting pulled over bit.)
I realize I never even posted about our cruise and the stuff I sewed for that last December – let alone Peru, the rest of the house tour, furniture pieces I finished before coming out, and I also have some guest blogging coming up over the next little bit. I am going to try to catch up if I can (I doubt it, I feel like I will never be caught up with everything we have done as long as we are still doing stuff)
But anyway, I wanted to check in and let everyone know we are safe during our travels, and that I haven’t forgotten you all!

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