Our House in Virginia (Part 2)

In case you missed it, here is Part 1 of our house tour!

This post I thought I would talk about the dining room and the bonus room that used to be my studio, *cry* but the bonus room tour will be short since the studio has been touched upon before, and it’s mostly just staged right now!

Here’s the dining room as it was when we moved in,
And then here it is now,

We Changed out the light fixture, refinished the wood flooring, and Venetian plastered the walls in here. (My mom was in town when we did the plaster, all of our arms nearly fell off!) The dining room table is an antique one we picked up at a local antique store for $100 because the stretcher was “broken” Paul just replaced the snapped metal “L” bracket that held it in place for $1.50, and it was as good as new! The leaves pull out of the sides since it is a pub style table, and it comfortable seats 8. The sideboard (that I don’t have a great picture of) was from a thrift store, and I just stripped and re-stained it. The plates on the wall are HIGH/LOW in the sense that the top one is from an antique store (cheap) although hand painted in Spain, the side plates are all from Home Goods, and the center plate is hand painted from Deruta, Italy, where we visited a couple of years ago because I had a historical clothing conference to attend, and Paul got me a plate for our wedding anniversary (It was a pottery-ish anniversary I believe as far as dates go.) The chairs are some I got off of Ebay, after wanting this exact same set from the Toscano Catalog for about 5 years, (which by the way is $1,450 plus shipping if you get it from them) and I got them for $500 total from Ebay, from someone claiming they were vintage and one of a kind from England…… um not quite, but I still wanted them for that price! (I’m actually thinking about painting them for the next place, but I haven’t managed to make myself commit to a color yet! I don’t love the color of pine, but I am not sure if I want to go grey, or what about crazy bold and teal or something?)

The rug is a wool one we got at a salvation army store for $25, and we LOVE it. It has Paul’s favorite color pumpkin orange in it, mustard yellow, navy blue, etc. it has deer and lions on it (when you see more of our house tour you will notice deer around, Paul loves them)

Here’s the before view into the dining room from the kitchen hall.
And then the after,
The bird light fixture is one I got at a decorators closeout store for $100 (which is a lot, but I loved it,) and I found the exact same lamp a couple of months later for $350 at the non closeout version of the same store! The curtains started off as IKEA sheers, that I unpicked the tabs off of, and then sewed button holes all along the top. I used plant hooks as the hangers, with a buttonhole threaded through each hook. I was particularly happy with these ones, I like that they are light and airy (and less than $20 helps!)
Here is the before of the bonus room, sorry about the ghost orbs, and the open garage door!
This room has gone through several incarnations since we have been here. When we moved in (while Paul was deployed) it was the family room with my sewing studio upstairs. We had new carpet installed, and painted the walls before Paul left, so that there was one finished room in the house for the kids and I to sit in during the remodel. I made most of the decisions when it came to the interior design, but I have to make one compromise. I defintely would’ve preferred to have had something similar to this marble wallpaper – peel and stick design on our walls as I just loved how it looked when we saw it online. But everyone else wanted to have painted walls instead so that is why we wanted to get it done before Paul left so he could make sure that he was happy with the finishing product. At least it gave us somewhere to sit though during the redecoration process. We’ve read our cash on cash return guide so we can figure out if the remodel was a worthwhile investment if we were to ever move out and rent this property out.
After I got my loom, we couldn’t fit it upstairs, so this room became the new studio, and the carpet got ripped out to be replaced with an epoxied cement floor, and a lighter brighter wall color!
Then we added all the studio stuff,
And now it is back to carpet, and a living room again for selling the house, it’s the same couch as before, just with a different slip cover on it.
Here is the other side of the room, we have added a temporary studio space at this end, (Paul is too sweet, he put hours of work into moving stuff there for me, even though I will only be here for 2 weeks more before heading out to AZ, he said I needed a spot to sew!)
The stairs were another one of my projects that I never blogged about,
I ripped up the carpet, and added textured wallpaper to the risers, which I painted white and added an antiquing glaze too.
Next I added molding along the backs of the treads to hide the gap left when the stairs were built (there were never meant to be see, only carpeted, so I just had to clean them up a bit with some filler and trim)
We added some trim to the bottom of the handrail, and then painted the wood all black, and then varnished them multiple times so they would be durable.
I would love to hear your thoughts on these rooms, or any questions you may have! Also I would love to see any links to your room projects so I can come check out what you are doing!linked up at,

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