Our House in Virginia (Part 3)

Here’s part three of our house tour, today is the living room and the kitchen! (part one and two are here)

Here is the living room as we found it, there was a big hole over the fireplace, and a gross carpet. The yellowy orange color on the walls was the only color in the whole house.
Here is the after,
We added the wood floors, and closed up the hole over the fireplace. (In addition to all the painting, curtains, and furniture!) The curtains are actually made from a silk that I carried around for about 5 years, so yay for stash busting! I think the paint color is called Churchill Hotel Wheat by Valspar. I think we can all agree that the room definitely looks a lot better than it did before. The fact that we decided to have wood floor fitted, which is similar to this Engineered Flooring just makes the room look cleaner. It’s even better that the rest of the furniture and interior design fits in with this style of flooring too. I’m just so pleased with how this refurbishment has turned out.
Here is the breakfast nook/kitchen before,
And here is the after,
we continued the wood flooring rather than the linoleum in the breakfast nook, we changed out the lighting, and I made the window treatments as well.
The DVD shelf was built a few years ago by my hunny, he’s so talented! The shelf is an antique one we brought back from Germany dismantled in a dress bag!
I love how the wood paneling looks on this wall! I added this one day while Paul was at work and it was a near disaster as I shot a nail through a water line! I almost died – it took shutting off the water main, getting a pipe repair thingy from Lowe’s (apparently this happens a lot, since there is a special part just for this problem.) and then repairing the drywall…….so needless to say the project was much more than I was expecting, but now it’s done, it’s totally worth it!
The sofa table was one I got on clearance from a local furniture store, I actually really like this piece – even though I am always debating whether or not I should paint it, I am not usually a huge fan of light wood.
Here is another view of the big hole over the fireplace,
We added framing into the hole and covered it with plywood and molding so that it could hold the weight of the TV (along with painting it all white!)
Here is the kitchen before,
Here’s the remodeled kitchen, we have a blackboard/magnetic wall, that the kids love. The frames are the same on the cabinets, but the doors are new custom made Shaker style ones. I love the quartz counter-tops, they are one of my favorite things in the kitchen!
Another before view,
and then the after,
Here is this bank of cabinetry before,
And then the after,
I did the kitchen before Paul came home from his deployment, so it was a bit of a surprise to him when he came home! I tiled all the back-splashes, and replaced the range hood. I made the stained glass panels for the doors over the range.

The only thing left to share downstairs is the half bath and the front and back patios, and then I guess we’ll move upstairs. It has been kind of fun for me to see the before and afters side by side!

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