Our House In Virginia (Part One)

When we bought our house 3.5 years ago, we did it knowing that we would be moving this year (military assignments are easy like that, they give you an end date up front!) But we bought a house anyway, probably as a reaction to the awful housing we lived in, in DC. (it was gross) Paul deployed within days of having bought the house, so I did much of the remodeling alone, but he came home and helped push through the rest of it. I am generally a little sad when we move, as I worry about the stability we offer the kids, etc. but do believe that the opportunities do outweigh the negatives, but this house will be a bag of mixed emotions more than any other! I am so happy that we are going to the adventure that awaits us in S.Korea, but I am more sad to leave this house than any other so far.
I wanted to do so much in this house, but when we moved in I had no idea that I would be going to school full time and graduating, so a lot of it took a lot longer then I had hoped, I was wanting to live in a finished house for at least a couple of years, but instead, we have only had everything finished for a couple of months 🙁 Oh well! adventure awaits us in Korea, and we will always get another shot at finishing a new house! Perhaps if we come back to the US, we could look at homes in Castle Rock, as I hear they’re gorgeous! I’m sure by picking the right one there won’t be much to finish, and we can enjoy a finished product for much longer!
I thought I would do a room by room, or area by area, recap of the house showing some before and after shots to show how much we managed to do in the 3 years we were here! Everything was done by us, the only thing we had anyone else in for was the carpet in the studio, and the kitchen counter-tops.
Here are the entryway stairs before,
The carpet was gross, and the railing was a nasty orange pine.
And after,
We added molding and new carpet (that we installed ourselves) and painted the railings out in white. All the walls were painted in a soft linen color from Valspar (can’t remember the actual name of the color, and also not a paid anything for Valspar, it’s just my favorite 2 coat paint, just don’t buy the one with the primer in it, that is the worst.) The light fixtures are also all new.
The landing before,
The landing after,
The blinds are new, and the curtains are made from a king sized wool, woven bead-spread from India, These are actually some of my favorite curtains in the house! I lined them with a king sized sheet since it was a matching amount of fabric! I got 2 curtains from one bed-spread by cutting it in half.
Here’s the library before,
And then the after,
We added the wood floor (I actually did that one while Paul was deployed, I missed the floor-nailer and cracked myself in the shin, so many times with the mallet, I’m surprised I am not still bruised from the experience!) and all of the built-in book cases. The tapestry is an antique wool one from the late 17th century, and I LOVE it.
The curtains are made from some silk that I stole from my mother, that she had been given by my aunt, so thanks Mom and Aunty Jean for my curtain fabric!
I “smocked” the top of the drapes, which I thought was a sort of neat treatment. The furniture in here is a funny high low mix (that’s pretty much the whole house) The leather recliners are new and custom made from Arhaus, and cost about a bazillion dollars (it may have been less, but FELT like more when we paid for them) but we got them on a cool sale that let us pick any leather we wanted from their collection for the same price (I am not going to lie I am pretty proud of myself because I accidentally picked the most expensive leather they had, Paul laughed when they told him that, since he is always saying I have champagne taste on a water budget!) The love seat was a clearance showroom closeout, so it was very reasonably priced, the coffee table was on clearance, and the side tables were from flea markets and estate sales. The wool rug is one we got 8-9 years ago from Sam’s Club. I really like to decorate in a HIGH/LOW fashion, where you select where to put the money for the biggest bang, and the rest doesn’t need to cost a ton if you shop carefully, and let the really fancy stuff elevate the rest. (the built-in’s are actually Billy bookshelves from IKEA, with crown molding and skirting boards attached and painted to match, and with a door pull swap, the whole thing is just elevated IMO)
Anyway, I’ll finish up this post with this part of the house! I would love to hear any comments or questions anyone has! (I would also love any links to stairs or built-ins any of you have DIYed so I can come take a look!)

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