Hey! I’m Still Alive!

I’m sorry I have been so quiet around here, I have been enjoying the last of spending time with my family before heading over to Korea and not seeing them again for at least a year. My mom took my kids to a family reunion for a week while I waited in AZ for Paul to arrive from VA, and by the time he drove here he was too wiped out for us to go to the reunion ourselves! We spent a few days here in Tucson, (doing some quilting and sewing) and then some time in Phoenix tubing down a canal, and going to a major league baseball game (LA Dodgers vs the AZ D-Backs.)

The kids are back now, and they are back to wanting to swim in Nana’s pool every hour of the day, and sleeping from exhaustion the rest of the time! My Gramma is flying into town tomorrow and she will be here the rest of the time we are, and I am so excited to spend some time with her! She is a wonderful seamstress, and I always feel her near me every time I sew, even though for most of my life she has been in South Africa while I have NOT been. Her back is not great right now, so I am not sure exactly how much sewing etc. will do together, but I’m sure just sitting with her will be enough for me to absorb her sewing aura!

AAAAAAAaaaaaannnnnnnndddddddd, I have an exciting announcement! I knew about this months ago when I was asked to participate, but since the announcement was made today, I can toot the horn of a new series for boys that is going on this summer called “Sew in Tune”  hosted by Melly Sews and Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!




I am sharing my musically inspired boy’s outfit on July 26th; hopefully I will be able to link to it on the day, but since I will have just arrived in Korea a day or two before, I am not sure exactly what I will be able to do – but I will try my best! 


We are sticking around here until the 17th of July before a fun filled trip out to the LA fabric district with my Little Sister, (the one we went to Peru with) where we will spend a couple of days in LA, before dropping our van off at a dock to be shipped to South Korea, and then we will get on a plane ready to start our adventure in another land. I am going to try to be better about updates, I just haven’t been documenting things like I should have been, we’ve been to busy doing rather then recording! My sister and I have been making fun pirate quilts, and we are almost done machine quilting them, which we will share here when done! (I think this might be Sarah’s first quilt, and she is kicking butt!) 


anyway, sorry for how quiet it has been around here, I am sure I will more then make up for it when I start documenting our journey to Korea for posterity! 


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