Oh my goodness everyone! We just got our internet hooked up, and I feel like I can breathe again! (Is it a problem that I feel stifled or oppressed by not having access to the internet? Nah, of course not!)

So much has been going on here, I can’t even begin. We have moved into our apartment here (it’s a beautiful apartment on the 12th floor that feels like living in a fancy penthouse) although we don’t have our furniture here yet, we have been given some loaner furniture to use until our household goods get here.

I have been painting the walls so that when our stuff gets here we can just start hanging things and moving in furniture, I’m not sure if I can do everything before then, but I am going to try (I have paint for the living-room, master bedroom, Isaac’s room, Emmie’s Room, and the kitchen, that I shipped over from the US in our fast shipment, I haven’t quite braved trying to buy Korean pain yet, which I will need to do for the 2 bathrooms, the family room, and the hallway.)

I will try to do a real post later as soon as I can; I have to run to a meeting for Isaac right now, I just wanted to document having the internet again!!!

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