LA Fabric District, and a Brush with a Bloggy Rock Star!

We left my mom’s house yesterday, which was so terribly sad to do, saying goodbye to my family until what will most likely be next year is always hard, but knowing we will be so far away is heartbreaking! I will be seeing my big-little sister, Sarah for the next few days, since she drove up to LA with us to go to the fabric district, and then tonight her husband Scott with join us for 3 fun filled days in Disneyland, before we drop our car off to be shipped, and we hop a flight out to Korea.

The fabric district was AMAZING! I had been before, (last summer) but we were terribly rushed because we got there just before stuff was closing, since we were really only passing through, and I didn’t get to see everything I wanted too. This time we got up at 4:00 am and drove from Phoenix to LA, to be there in time for the shops to open, and we had the most fabulous time!

We started off at the FIDM store where we way under bought since it was our first (but favorite) stop of the day, we are talking about going back on Friday since it was so good! Next we hit some trim stores, and then   onto Michael Levine,

I’m going to take this moment to point out that I have no makeup on in any of these photos, and I have been up since 4:00 a.m. and have terrible hair- not my best look, (especially when standing near my super model sister who did all the same things I did, but managed to look amazing!) But I’m glad we documented! (I have no idea what Isaac was doing in this picture!)

I am clearly VERY excited about the button selection in this photo….

Sarah and I kept feeling silly about the creeper (My husband) who was taking our pictures in the fabric store, especially when half the time I was pointing out “questionable judgement fabric” and it looked like I was selecting it!

BUT THEN IT GOT REALLY EXCITING!!!! I looked across the room at the cutting counter, and saw a very tall woman with cute short hair, and made an immediate bee line over like a crazy stalker (not so casually calling for Sarah to follow me.) 

I knew immediately that the lovely, stately woman was Ashley from lilblueboo, a blog that Sarah and I both follow and LOVE! (Ashley was actually there with Dana from MADE as well!) I felt like a total stalker saying Hi! But I was so pleased to meet her, and she was so gracious and gave us quite a bit of her time (AND a stack of Choose Joy bracelets, which was sooooo sweet of her!) I was so pleased when Paul asked if he could take a picture of all of us, (Having a creeper there paid off Ha, Ha!) as I don’t think I would have asked otherwise! 

It was so fun to see someone I admire so much in real life, as she really is an amazing person, and business woman who is actually following her dreams with a lot of hard work and dedication! (She’s a total Bloggy Rock Star in my book!)

Anyway, after we let poor Ashley run away, (and Sarah and I high five-ed over meeting someone so cool,) we went on to various trim stores looking for treasures we could use to spiff up our LA fabric finds, and any boring fabrics we may find from the regular stores at home!

 We got yards and yards of great trim and fabric, now I just need to figure out where to pack it all for the flight! Anyway, it was a lovely day, and we are looking forward to Disneyland tomorrow! I am dreading letting Sarah go home on Sunday, as it will make the distance from family all too real.  BUT alas, we will always have the LA fabric district, and having met Ashley (thank you for being so gracious to us, I’m sure you’ll never see this, but you were very kind and sweet!) to remember………….

P.S. Here is my haul….

And Sarah’s loot…
She spent less then $60 for all that stuff, YES WAY!

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