Yo, Ho, Ho, and a Bottle of Rum!

My quilt that I have been working on with my sister Sarah (she and I are each making one) is finally done (I am afraid I jumped ahead and finished mine before she was done with her’s because she is home in Phoenix for the next couple of days!)
We found the adorable pirate fabric at a Walmart, and then filled in the other fabrics from Joann’s and a couple of other places.  

I’m sorry my pictures aren’t way better, I had to settle for laying it out on my mom’s grass since she isn’t really set up for photo shoots at her house!

The piecing pattern is one from Moda Bake Shop, we just used our own fabric with their wonderful instructions, although we didn’t follow their instructions for rotating the squares, as we took more of a seat of our pants approach to that part! We just used their block directions, and added our own borders and sizing.

The quilting is done in a gray thread and I just sort of winged a crazy, plan-less, free motion over everything. The binding is just one we made from a brown fabric we used in the quilt.

We just sort of made the borders up as we went, but you could always use the Moda instructions too!

We decided that we wanted to make the back as exciting as the front, so we pieced the back together out of our 2 main pirate backs, and then appliqued “YO HO” onto the orange, with an anchor that Sarah drew between the two words!

The fabric is just too adorable, and I actually didn’t even get half way through quilting it before Emmie had called dibs, so she happily walked off with it after I washed and dried it, and took very quick photos! Hopefully it will be a nicer travel blanket then the ones that the airline will give us as we fly out in a couple of weeks!

This is not the only thing I have been up to recently, I made my mom some bedroom drapes that I will share as soon as the painting in her room is done, and I have made several smaller projects too, which I will try to share over the next little bit.

I’ll leave you with a look at the finished product again,

and as an aside,

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