Anthro Knock Off Sweatshirt

Earlier I showed y’all a picture of this Anthropologie, shawl collared sweatshirt,

I decided I wanted to make one for myself, but I wanted to start with one for Emmie, since I am doing back to school clothes for her right now, and I wanted to test the pattern on her first since it would take less fabric as I figured out the shapes.

For Emmie’s I eliminated all the extra seams on the bodice, because I was mostly working on the collar, and I made it out of a medium weight blue polyester knit I have had FOREVER, so it was nice to get that out of my stash too! I didn’t do a traditional tutorial for this, since I was working it out mostly, but I will post what I did take cell phone pictures of!

The first picture shows all of my pattern pieces, the second shows the center front of the top when gathered, the third just shows the gathering in context, and the fourth shows the top once the shoulder seams are sewn and the sleeves are put on.

In this set the top left shows the collar sewn on and top stitched, and the front gathers sewn to the collar pieces, I used orange thread so that it could be seen. The second picture shows is a little further back, and the third and fourth pictures show the making of the little rectangle that will be sewn over the orange stitching.

These pictures show the finished product, the rectangle when sewn on, and the zig zag top-stitching done.

And the last 2 are of Emmie wearing the sweatshirt, I chose to make the sleeves long, rather then 3/4 length, as I think she will get more wear out of it, but I can’t say that I am totally satisfied with this top. I think I want to use a lighter weight fabric, and that way the gathers can be more full, I also would not use a synthetic, as the hand isn’t great. Emmie loves this top though, so I might play with adding some color to it to make it more special and interesting.

I am definitely going to be making one of these for myself, so I will probably show the process of making the pattern then, as I have a more clear idea of the neck shape!

I also finished my first valance in this house; it’s a crewel fabric, with French stripe points on top. It’s simple and not my usual long drape, but I like that it is simple and not on the floor for a change, as the mate to this one needs to cover over the door to the patio; I got the body of the valance done the other day, and I just needed to do the French stripe points. All told today I made an American girl doll dress, a shirt for Isaac, Emmie’s sweatshirt, the valance points, and dinner – not to shabby if I can ever get the living-room vacuumed!

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