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EDIT: after writing this post, I had a complete change of plans come along, Emmie wanted to make an american girl doll dress, and Isaac wanted to make a hooded t-shirt out of fabric he picked at the LA fabric district – so no shawl collars or dresses for me today! (I like being flexible while they are still home with me, so we can spend memory making time together!)

Here’s Isaac’s top,

He cut out the whole thing, (we used a commercial pattern, but made the pocket) and helped with the sewing, although the serger scared him a bit, he did a good job, but the coverstitch machine wasn’t happening, so I did all that for him!

So I was on Anthropologie’s website last night, and I found a couple of things that I thought would make really great inspirations for things I am working on around here (some clothes for miss Emmie, but also some for me, although mine might wait until after the kids go back to school on the 27th.

The first is this little jacket,

I can’t remember what it is called, as I saved this image ages ago, but I own this one from Anthropologie, and I LOVE it! I did surgery on mine by buying a bigger size, and then crossing it over more and moving the trim so that it still looked right, but it fit my arms and bust a lot better after I did.

I’m thinking I might not do all of the details if I make this for Emmie, especially since the hand embroidery would take too long and she’s still growing so she doesn’t get that much time dedicated to her projects!

I LOVE this shawl collared shirt, it looks soooooo comfy, and I think I want this one for me, but I am going to try the pattern on emmie first, and see how it breaks down (she thought this looked really pretty too!) I’ve got a lot of knits in my stash, so I’m going to have to think about weight and color for this one! (Click on the picture for the Anthropologie link)

And lastly for this post, I liked this dress a lot! I love the lace front and back, I love the pin-tucking, and I love the colors! The length is an issue, as it is VERY short as far as I am concerned, (this picture is a link too)

And although, beautiful, there is just not enough to the top, I am going to to try making this for Emmie, and she will need there to be much more to the back then this! I haven’t decided exactly what I am making this out of – do I turn it into a knit playdress, or do I use wovens and have it be easier to make, but need to be ironed…… hmm.

Anyway, I am going to be working out the details of some of these over the next couple of days, we’ll see what sticks, and I will try to have a tutorial or two up over the next little bit! Have you seen anything that has struck your fancy at a website recently? Links? I would love to see what inspires you!

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