First World Problems

Although this picture may look like it is rather boring, and missing something, but in truth, it’s actually VERY exciting to me! You see, I haven’t been able to find any non plastic curtain rods here in Korea, and I couldn’t find any of my regular curtain rod haunts that would ship APO, and I don’t have any other address I could get something shipped to.

Using technology as my friend, I was able to find a company in California, willing to ship APO for a very reasonable price, and in less then a week, they are now here! As much as curtain rods shouldn’t make me feel so triumphant, they do. I feel like I have found my first work around for this whole new world I have entered, and like I CAN do this (some of my silence here has been stress related as of late, we are still a little jet lagged, and I am struggling to find my groove a bit here – we keep joking that a lot of our experiences here so far have involved the sentence “what’s that smell?”)
Anyway, we are coming along though, and now I can have curtains!
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