Paneled Master Bedroom Wall

Today while shut in our apartment due to Osan Airbase being on lock-down in preparation for Typhoon Bolavin, Paul and I painted the “paneling” onto our back accent wall.

I love the effect, and even in person it’s hard to believe it’s just paint! We took photo’s of the process along the way, so I will add a photo tutorial asap, we are just waiting on a new power cord for our computer to arrive so that I can upload photo’s to our laptop from the camera. (Our current charger went the way of the dinosaurs last week.)

We lost power twice today, so I don’t have any really good pictures of the finished product yet (these are camera phone pictures taken with the lights on at night since there wasn’t enough natural light during the outages) but you can sort of see the gray color in the rest of the room, and the general effect of the “panels” I’ll try to take better pictures tomorrow during the day, and add them to the tutorial (I was too excited to share the finished product to wait!) I am desperate for our household goods to arrive; they are apparently in country now (i.e. not on a boat) but we will only hear on Friday at the earliest if they can schedule delivery next week sometime. Oh! and our van is in country too! We might get to go up to Seoul by train on Tuesday (while the kids are at school) to get it. We got our Korean driver’s licences last week, but still haven’t driven off base at all, I can’t wait to have a vehicle again; we are itching to venture out further afield then we have been, since there is only so much you can do hoofing it, or going by train or taxi! 

Cross your fingers our power stays on! Tomorrow is business as usual for Paul’s work and the kid’s school, and I totally don’t want to sit here in the dark by myself! I’m also taking a HUGE step tomorrow and putting in my resume and an application to be a substitute teacher here on base. I haven’t worked outside of the home/not for myself in about 12 years, but I am going to be here alone an awful lot, and I think earning a little extra cash for all the fabulous trips we want to take while in Asia (The Great Wall of China, both Disneys, riding elephants in Thailand) and this would help me feel like I was contributing a bit more instead of just spending (I buy a LOT of fabric……) It would only be on an occasional basis, but there are apparently shortages of qualified substitute teachers around here too; so now I have a degree, I suppose I should put it to work! 

Okay, it’s 12:30 now, I suppose I need to go to bed or else I won’t be able to get up to get the kids out the door in the morning! (We are having 6 levels of h,e, double hockey-sticks trying to make arrangements for the kids at school, no teachers were around until the first day, and getting the kids correct placement, and record coordination has been a nightmare. We finally have all the documents we need, and I will probably do a full blog post about the adventures we’ve been having later once we know what is happening, but oh my goodness.)

  2 comments for “Paneled Master Bedroom Wall

  1. August 29, 2012 at 5:54 am

    oh, wow!!! absolutely stunning!!! Can’t wait to see the tutorial!

  2. September 1, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    This actually looks somewhat like the real paneling you did on your house in Virginia!?

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