It’s Project Run and Play Time Again!!!

So I didn’t make it into this season of Project Run and Play (actually quite a relief with what we have going on here at the house, I’m still in box land looking like an episode of hoarders) but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to be part of the sew along this season! I can’t guarantee that I’ll do every week, as I really need to get some stuff done around here – but I made/am making clothes for Emmie for school anyway, so I am just doing them to sort of match the Project Run and Play themes. Week one is Pattern Remix, and I made Emmie this red dress,

 As inspired (I’m using this loosely, as stripy things are the only real thing they have in common!) by Katy Dills lovely “It’s Okay to be Biased” skirt tutorial. The dress is made out of a sheer printed knit, with a red cotton knit underneath.

 The front has a panel of black tricot strips that are gathered and sewn down with black bias strips. The red trim on the front really isn’t wonky, the puff at the front just made it look that way in a couple of the pictures.

 (Notice the Korean stone thingy in the background. Photo shoots here are going to be interesting I think, as there are certainly a lot of cool things to stand by anyway! This one is by the front of my apartment building.)

 The dress just pulls over the head (yay knits) and is tied in the back with a simple bow.

 You can see the bias strips, and the color effect really well here I think,

 I left the sleeves unlined.

 I made this project entirely out of things from my stash (the floral fabric is actually at least 9 or 10 years old!) so it was nice to get some good use out of stuff I have toted around FOREVER!

I added a gathered strip to each sleeve, and the waist, with a red floral trim over the top, which really finished the dress off nicely I think!

I didn’t faithfully reproduce the bias strips on the inspiration skirt, because this dress will need to make it through the wash without shredding at all (I really only make things for Emmie that can handle a lot of play, and washing, since she doesn’t distinguish between fancy clothes, and play clothes!) But I did do my take on strips, and bias was used in this project, so I am not sure how much of a stretch I went with, but at least I got sewing!

Make sure you go to flickr to look at all the other entrants, they are super fun!

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