Out and About in Korea!

Yesterday Paul and I went out for a drive while the kids were in school, and it was so lovely we took them back today. I wish I could tell you the name of the place we found, but I am afraid I couldn’t read the signs!

This is a statue from a Buddhist Temple that we found on the side of the road by a lake!

There were stunning terraces on the way up to the temple, and on the left you can see where we found the statue!

We found the temple by seeing this blingy gold Buddha from the street, it was so shiny! (we couldn’t get close because there was construction.)

This Pagoda was from the 9th century and it was saved from destruction by being hidden during a war with the Japanese in the 16th century, and then moved to this spot before the man made lake was flooded (otherwise it would have been underwater)

It was so beautiful, and so fun to leave boxes behind for the morning, and get the kids out in the beautiful weather, and start to absorb the culture of our beautiful host country!

P.S. I thought this was quite funny, we stopped into an antique store, and Emmie found this round stone decoration,

I asked her what she thought it was, and her answer was “Antique DVD?” 21st century child much?

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