Project Run and Play week 2, Fashion Icon Challenge

I decided to go with Esther Williams as my fashion icon for this weeks challenge (entirely influenced by the fact that I have been watching her movies as I have been unpacking.) and a swimsuit was perfect for Emmie, as she had a growth spurt this summer, and became too long in the body for all of her old suits!

I made this this morning, since I was debating whether or not to take the time to sew along (we’ve had A LOT going on around here, both of my kids each just skipped a grade, so 4 weeks into the school year Isaac is now an 11 year-old 7th grader and Emmie is now a 10 year-old 6th Grader, {there is an entire story behind this that I hope to share eventually, I just need to sit down and write it} and we have had meetings after meetings, getting them set up with classes and schedules, and tests, etc. not to mention a tsunami, and the house that is still full of boxes……. so naturally I stopped what I should have been doing, and sewed something!) But I thought I would be sad if I didn’t try to do SOMETHING, and since I had all the stuff in my stash (stash busting counts as unpacking right?) I took a couple of hours and made the swimsuit for her! (I love how fast swimsuits are to make!)

 This swimsuit is made from a red and white polka-dot nylon spandex that I got in Philly about 2 years ago for $1 for 4 yards.  (can I not tell you how I love her little girl stance! She still has a little belly that she doesn’t hold in, and legs for miles!)

 I used fold over elastic for the ties,

 and to go across the front, back, and around the arm holes. (The suit is also fully lined in a tan swimsuit lining fabric.)

 I went with ties to hopefully get a little more flexibility and time out of this swimsuit!, the front has an overlay, that has gathering at the bust to give it a V shape.

 Emmie almost always swims with a swim cap (usually just boring Speedo ones) because her hair gets into an awful mess if it isn’t held up in the pool, and she doesn’t like how goggles pull her hair without a cap. I made her this one so that it comfortably accommodated her large bun, and as per her request, I added a chin strap, so that the weight of her wet hair didn’t drag the cap off (a problem with her other caps) I added the rosette as flatly as I could, so she can still wear goggles if she wants to!

 I love how red looks with this baby girl’s eyes, she is just staring at you through a pool of blue! The overlay is gathered all down the sides, with a skirt like hem at the bottom.

I love the silhouette of vintage 40’s swimsuits on the booty, so modest, and cute (having a cute little bottom probably doesn’t hurt either!) I felt like the broad shoulders was a super 40’s look too, as they loved to show off Esther Williams’ broad swimmer’s back in her movie costumes!

My favorite picture of her doesn’t even show off the suit, I like the top left one where she is trying to do synchronized swimming…… she’s such a funny doll, I love sewing for her!

Well, it’s midnight here, I had better go to bed, we are going to have a late night tomorrow, as we head off to the Air Force Ball in Seoul tomorrow in the early afternoon!

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