A Birthday Hanbok

I have been very busy around here, with tons of sewing going on, but it has all been little things that aren’t much to speak of individually, but time consuming when all put together. I made Emmie’s bed canopy for her 4 poster bed, and then I finally made the bedding for her American Girl Doll bunk bed (that I also need to blog about the making of from 2 Christmases ago.) So she now finally has mattresses, sheets, fleece blankets, pillows, pillow cases, and little pieced quilts to go on her bunk beds. I’ll take proper pictures for her room reveal, since I need to actually document this room properly (I never really took good pictures of her last room) But here is the rubbish cell phone picture I posted on FB of the first quilt.

And then I helped Emmie make a Pound Puppy from an original 1980s pattern I got off of ebay (it was super fun to make up) She made it in white, and then drew the spots on with a fabric marker.

And then Emmie got invited to the birthday party of a fellow American girl doll enthusiast, and she asked me to sew something for her. I decided that in the spirit of being in Korea, I would make her little friend a Hanbok (which is traditional Korean dress)

I made the two dresses out of my silk stash (I decided to make one for Emmie while I was at it) and I think they turned out super cutely! The top muddle picture is of a real Hanbok, in case you wanted to know what a real one looked like! Emmie’s is in her favorite blue, and her little friend’s is in orange (Emmie liked that it was the complimentary color to her blue.)

Because I have been a total slacker, I think I shall make another 18″ doll Hanbok, and offer it as a give away here? what do you think? I have my 200th post coming up, and I feel celebratory, so I think I will make a fun Korea package to giveaway on my next post so stay tuned!!!

P.S. I am contemplating adding a new segment to my blog, as a sort of get to know me, I am thinking of trying to do a DITL  (day in the life) where I photo document my day (both the good and the bad, and the clean and the messy) – what do you think? I keep waiting to take pictures of huge moments, and I think that I frequently forget to look at my individual days as worth documenting. (After all, most of my time isn’t lived in the huge moments!)  


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