Marie Antoinette {Halloween 2012}

I promised Emmie a Marie Antoinette costume last Fall, but got too busy with school to actually make it, so this year she had me fulfill my promise,
(this is her snooty queen face)
Apparently Emmie was destined to be a snooty queen!
 I made the back a sack back gown, no one who knows a ton about this period judge me, I am pretty sure I am stealing from various decades, since I didn’t do any research for this so much as winging it!
 The fabric is a poly-taffeta in pink and blue that I got for $4 a yard on clearance last summer, and the pink has an overlay of a fancy beaded and embroidered bridal tulle, that I got on sale at the same time as the taffeta (I want to say is was 40% off $25 a yard?)  
 The jewelry piece sewn to the front is the entire inspiration for the color palette, we found it in Alabama on the Endless Yardsale, and I immediately thought of a Marie Antoinette gown to go with it!
 Why not eat the cake myself says my Marie Antoinette!
 The cake is a felt one that I have had for several years as my Valentine’s table centerpiece, I got it at TJ Maxx. I just hot glued a strip of elastic to the bottom to make it easier to hold onto. 
 I used pinking sheers, leftover embroidered tulle, and ombre wired ribbon that I got on clearance for $1.00 a spool (at the same time as everything else last year.) on the sleeves and down the front of the dress. I sent the ribbon through my pleater foot, (which was a nightmare) to get the ruffle.  
 Emmie’s hips are padded out with shaped little pillows I made from cotton canvas, stuffed with batting, and then I sewed them under all the layers in order to give her the correct silhouette, but also the ability to sit! 
 I drew a heart beauty-mark on her cheek in eyeliner; she thinks she may want to be dead Marie Antoinette for actual Halloween, so she might get a whited out face with black rings under the eyes, and a line of blood at the neck…… I keep hoping she will stay with pretty Marie!
 We got A LOT of looks from passersby while I photographed her, she was loving all the attention!
 The lining of the bodice is actually fully boned like a corset, so she has the right shape (she isn’t being squeezed, the back laces up as loosely as she needs it too) 
The pink cameo is one I have for my everyday wear, and I think it came from Target at some point.
 Her hair is my favorite part! (and was blogged about in my last post
They want to chop off my what?
Well I’ll give you your stink’n cake then….
I hope you liked this dress, it was super fun to make, and I love how Emmie looks in it! (blue and pink are totally her colors!) I was briefly worried while making this that I wouldn’t have enough fabric since I had bought everything for it last year, and she had a major growth spurt this summer, (and I don’t have access to ANY American fabrics) but happily it worked out, and I was able to fulfill my promise of a pretty, pretty princess dress (although she corrects me and says its a “queen’s” dress) even if it is a year late!

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