Oopa Gangnum Style! {Halloween 2012}

In honor of being in Korea, Isaac decided that he wanted to be Psy, of Oopa Gangnum Style fame for Halloween. Are you not familiar with Gangnum Style? Then you HAVE to watch the video, I die every-time I watch it, the words are really funny in English too, they talk about how it is better to be smart then muscular, and modesty is the real sexy for women, in complete contrast to what you would think! Gangnum is the fancy shopping district in Seoul, and oopa means father, so it’s essentially making fun of sugar daddy style/mac daddy style. (you should probaby watch the video EVEN if you’ve seen it before, don’t worry, I’ll wait!)  
You feel happier now right? Anyway, Isaac wanted a tuxedo like Psy, and I looked in my stash and found a lime green tropical weight wool, that would be perfect for making this version of Psy’s signature look,
Psy Gangnam Style
I used this pattern (I know a pattern right!) to make the jacket, but I heavily modified the collar to get the rounded tuxedo shape, and eliminated all the edge seam allowances so I could bind them in the black cotton bias tape (I made the tape since I couldn’t find any ready made here) I cheated and the pockets are just flaps, not real pockets, and there is no facing in it or shoulder pads (couldn’t readily get any here in Korea) 
Burda Patterns b 9812 Boys' Suit Pattern pattern, sewing pattern
And here is my little ham of a Psy,

 I found the pants at the air force base thrift store for $1 (along with a matching suit coat that also fit him, so score!)

 The shoes were some we found on clearance for $9 out in Korea

 It was pretty funny trying to find my blonde boy a black wig, we had to look out in Korea, since they don’t celebrate Halloween, we had to go to regular stores. After us not understanding them, and the shop owners not understanding us when we said “short black wig” eventually we just said “Gangnum style” and they knew EXACTLY what we meant, this song is HUGE here!

 My baby dances like a white boy for sure!

 HEEEEYYYY Sexy Lady!!!!!!!!!!!

 The shirt and bow tie are Paul’s from his high school band days! I did have to take a thrift store dress shirt and pick its collar off and then pick the collar off of Paul’s shirt and add the dress shirt collar, since Paul’s shirt was a traditional tuxedo shirt (I mostly used Paul’s shirt because I wanted the pleats on the front, and I didn’t feel bad using it because it is seriously on its last legs!)

 The sun glasses were just $3 ones from Amazon (yay Amazon Prime, saving American booties stationed in foreign lands)

 I added the slit to the coat back for more easy movement (my child has a booty!)

 I LOVE that I can get my 12 year’old to dance for me, I wonder how long that will last?

So that’s the last of the Halloween costumes I made this year! I might upload some photo’s later of what Paul and I wear, but we will see what comes together with that!

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