Canvas Covered Box-springs

Before moving, we bought Isaac a new smaller bed, his last bed was the heaviest thing ever (which is not great for our weight allowance) and was bigger in size, even though it was still a twin bed. We found him a great antique bed, but ran into needing to buy him a box-spring mattress, since his last bed was on a platform bed, and he’s never had a box-spring. One afternoon while checking the scratch and dent section in IKEA, I found this box-spring on legs for sale for $50. my initial intention was to take the legs off and just use the box-spring (new without legs the next cheapest we could find was $150 if you weren’t purchasing a mattress too.)

Once we got the box-spring home, we discovered that the legs fit perfectly inside his new bed, and we decided that was a good way to not have too much weight on the frame of the antique bed, while still giving him a headboard and a footboard. Here’s the bed frame as found in the antique store,

There were two of these beds, but the one was in pretty rough shape, so we were able to just buy the one we wanted. I cleaned the bed frame, and then wiped over it with a matching stain with poly combo to color in any scratches and to refresh the whole thing (if this was a fancy antique I probably wouldn’t play with the finish myself, but this isn’t really good stuff.)

I bought a really great recycled canvas fabric at a local decorator’s outlet in order to cover the box-spring (I will sometimes use an extra fitted sheet to cover a box-spring, but for this project I decided to cover it with something a little more custom.

Here’s what the finished product looks like, I didn’t take any during pictures, since it literally took 15 minutes of sewing, but I will describe what I did.

If you look at the fabric, it has raw canvas edges that are top stitched nice and flat, I was just able to copy that arrangement as I joined the fabric width wise, it was a 60″ wide fabric, and I cut it as tall as the box-spring plus 6″, and then used an upholstery thread and a long stitch to sew those the strips end to end. I want to say there were 6 total widths sewn together for this.

after I had my strip, I wrapped it tightly around the edge of the box-spring, and cut off the excess length, and sewed the last 2 edges into the fitted tube around the box-spring.

for the top, I pinned miters with most of the excess height on top of the box-spring (leave enough on the bottom to staple under) and after sewing the miters, I inserted a fabric rectangle into the top middle (this was just some left over fabric that I have carried around for YEARS.)

The miter is a really great way to make this edge look good, I know I could have stapled the top rather than sewing it, but I thing this makes all the difference in how finished it is.

The main reason for having the top look nice, is just in case your mattress shifts to the left or the right, you want to see only the pretty canvas edge.

I serged around the bottom edge before putting it on the box-spring, and then pulled the bottom edge nice and taught, and stapled all around the bottom. my final step was to staple the hook side of Velcro to the bottom, in preparation for a bed-skirt, this makes adding a bed-skirt very easy, since I will just have to add the loop side of the Velcro to the top of the bed-skirt. (I’ve always put my bed skirts to the floor rather then as box-spring covers, it totally hides the bed boxes I put under the beds with out of season clothes.

I alternated the direction of my staples to make them cover both width and length, and hopefully prevent the Velcro from pulling through in any direction.

The silver legs will totally get hidden by the bed-skirt, and hopefully it will all come together to have the look I am aiming for!

(My pinterest inspiration board for Isaac’s room is here)

What do you think? are you going to be covering any box-spring mattresses in the future? Or will you stick with your twin mattress from Leesa? I am hopeful that even though it is pale, it will stay pretty clean because of the recycled canvas (and if not, it will blend in with some of the original canvas stains!)

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